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Out of State Patients

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies has had the privilege of working and treating patients from all parts of the country, and outside the United States. Patients come to us because of our experience, expertise and success rates with reversals of female sterilization and high success rates with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Couples also come to see us because of our unwavering commitment to our patients. Some of them have family in the area and, thus, have a place to stay during their treatment phase. Since many do not, Arizona Center for Fertility Studies has worked out an arrangement with surrounding hotels to have our patients stay at considerably reduced rates. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies has several hotels and extended stay hotels within a block walking distance from the office and within two blocks of Scottsdale HealthCare Shea hospital's out-patient facility where we do reversals of sterilization.

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies goes out if its way to see and treat patients from out of state. We will do the initial consultation on the phone or video. Once a specific treatment plan is established, we will request and completely review your medical records and only recommend additional testing that Arizona Center for Fertility Studies believes is important and has not yet been done. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies does not believe in repeating current testing just because a patient is coming to see us. We will work with your gynecologist to order needed laboratory tests or find a laboratory where you can have your tests done. All testing will be done before you start the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process. When ultrasounds are needed, again they can be done by your gyn or at a local radiology clinic. Ideally, when doing In-Vitro Fertilizatio (IVF), Arizona Center for Fertility Studies would like it if the woman, and preferably the couple, be in Arizona for about a week or so, so we can perform the final ultrasounds for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) prior to egg recovery and embryo transfer.

For reversals of tubal sterilization, everything can be set up over the phone. On that first phone call, Arizona Center for Fertility Studies can schedule a surgery date, consultation with Dr. Nemiro and Dr. Lipskind, pre-operative visit and physical exam. The only testing required is a current HIV and hepatitis B and C, which can be done by your family physician. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies will do a semen analysis at no charge, but sometimes, especially if your partner has not fathered any children, you should get it done locally, prior to your surgery. If you feel confident that your partner's semen analysis will be normal, than you can get it done at the office when you come to Arizona. Of course, there is a small risk in doing it that way. The woman/couple can come to Arizona the day of the surgery and will be seen in the office around 10:00 AM. Many patients will come in the day before. During that time, the consultation with Dr. Nemiro and Dr. Lipskind will be done, as well as your pre-operative visit and physical examination. Surgery is scheduled for 2:00 PM across the street at Scottsdale Out-Patient Surgery Center. After the surgery, you will recover overnight in the Recovery Care Center on the second floor of the out-patient facility. All the rooms are private and your partner can stay overnight with you, eliminating the need to get a hotel room if you are able to arrive on the day of surgery. You will be discharged the following morning and should probably plan on staying in town for an additional 2-3 days before traveling home. If you live out of town but in the state, you could probably drive home on the morning of your discharge.

Flying into Arizona is easy. We are the fifth largest city in the US, and have an international airport, Sky Harbor, that is one of the busiest airports in the nation, and is about a half an hour from the office. Many flights are direct from most cities on Southwest or America West Airlines, as well as the other major carriers. If you are fortunate enough to have a little time off before the surgery, Scottsdale and the surrounding area has an endless amount of things to see and experience. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) patients will have some free time between office visits and before egg recovery and embryo transfer to enjoy and explore our beautiful state.

The magic of Scottsdale begins with our setting in the heart of the lush Sonoran Desert. Here, indigo skies beckon you out of doors to explore pristine desert trails, rivers and mountains. Championship golf courses stand by to challenge your skills on artful layouts that wind around mammoth boulders and towering saguaros. Local spas tap into ancient Native American healing techniques to soothe your body and soul. And a vibrant downtown tempts you with world-class shopping, fine art galleries, renowned restaurants and high-energy nightlife.

This is the magic of Scottsdale!

The Sonoran desert is breathtaking and there are endless hikes and bike trails

One restaurant is better than the next

A trip to Arizona would not be complete without seeing the majestic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona

You cannot say enough about the splendor and energy of Sedona

If you have the time you should see the ancient Indian ruins, Montezuma Castle, Arizona

An incredible experience is to visit the new bridge walk over the Grand Canyon

Another fun day trip is to Tombstone, Arizona. Yes, that's right, where Wyatt Earp and the boys shot it out

Scottsdale is positively bursting with unique attractions and unforgettable adventures that will keep you busy morning, noon and night. Start your explorations at one of area's many popular attractions. These links are just a few of the many adventures you can enjoy during your stay in Scottsdale. Our office staff knows of hundreds of fun things to do and places to visit, as well as, all the best “mom and pop” restaurants in the area. Welcome to Arizona and Arizona Center for Fertility Studies.

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