Computer-Assisted Robotic Surgery

Computer-assisted surgery, commonly known as robotic surgery, is a revolutionary technology that enables specially-trained reproductive surgeons to perform advanced laparoscopic procedures with greater visualization and dexterity than traditional laparoscopic technology. ACFS, as well as other experts, agree that computer-assisted surgery, when performed for the correct indications by an experienced operator, can be an incredibly valuable surgical modality. Computer-assisted surgery provides the benefits of minimally invasive surgery - smaller incisions, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay and recovery, and lower rates of adhesion formation - without compromising surgical technique due to the technical limitations of traditional laparoscopy.

The ACFS Robotic Surgery Program, is under the directorship of Dr. Shane Lipskind, who has the knowledge, skill, and experience to perform advanced reproductive surgery by open, laparoscopic, and robot-assisted techniques offers all of these options to ACFS patients when appropriate. When a laparoscopic or robot-assisted approach is selected, he continues to adhere to the principles of classic open microsurgery so that the absolute best surgical outcomes can be achieved. Some of the surgeries offered include:

Patients should be aware that surgical robotics are not a replacement for expert judgment and surgical skill. A mediocre robotic surgeon will not obtain better results than an expert microsurgeon performing open surgery (quite the contrary, actually). One must know when and how to apply this advanced technology. In the absence of the correct training and medical decision-making, the use of a robot is little more than a flashy gimmick, and may be a potential danger. Dr. Lipskind acquired more than four years of extensive training from world-leaders in computer-assisted surgery, leading to hundreds of successful patient outcomes, and received multiple awards from the Society of Reproductive Surgeons for his innovative research in the field. He also published reviews in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology and the Biennial Review of Infertility on the use of computer-assisted laparoscopy for fertility preservation.

Dr. Lipskind also recognizes that patients wish to minimize the presence of visible scars from their surgery. He always seeks to improve the cosmetic outcome for his patients, using fewer and less conspicuous incisions whenever possible. With his ability to offer single-incision and cosmetic port-placement options for certain surgeries, including myomectomy, all incisions may be concealed within the belly button or below the waistline.

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