Getting Started

Call (480) 630-0212 to schedule a new patient appointment.

We will verify your insurance benefits to see if you have any in-network or out-of-network fertility treatment benefits. If you have any previous records that you would like ACFS to review, we can request them prior to your appointment.

You will receive an invitation to register as an ACFS patient through our patient portal. There, you can tell us about your health history, the problems that you would like the doctor to address, and what services you may be interested in.

At your new patient visit, plan to spend 30-60 minutes with your fertility specialist. Your doctor will review your history and may perform a focused physical exam or pelvic ultrasound. A comprehensive evaluation will be performed and general treatment options will be discussed so that you can start to weigh your options even before your results are in.

Your ACFS fertility team will follow up with you regarding your initial test results, and you will have an opportunity to review them in detail with your doctor. Your specialist will then present all possible treatment options and help you to choose the best option for you.