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New Patients Welcome

Dr. Jay Nemiro

Welcome to Arizona Center for Fertility Studies.

I personally want to acknowledge your desire to become pregnant and our commitment to achieve that goal. Working in partnership, that goal will become a reality.

The intent of this statement is to communicate my commitment to each of you as human beings, and as individuals having difficulty in conceiving. Webster describes commitment as a committing or being committed; the act or process of consigning, delivering, or entrusting, as for safekeeping; the act of pledging or engaging oneself; to give in trust; to speak or act in such a manner as to bind oneself to a certain line of conduct. To me commitment is directly in line with responsibility. I experience a deep responsibility to each one of my patients to do a complete and thorough evaluation of their infertility as well as make recommendations for their treatment. At all times, I will be honest in my feelings about a particular situation as well as truthful in my reporting and interpretation of the different test results or outcome of a particular procedure.

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies strongly believes in a woman's right to choose. Once the work-up is completed, I will give you all your treatment options, from conservative to aggressive and it is done unbiasedly and non-judgmentally. You will be told the pros and cons, logistics, finances and success rates of all available choices and it will be done unbiasedly. Once you are clear on the pros and cons of each one of your choices then you can choose the option that is best for you. Even if you are young, it is your choice to be conservative or aggressive. You need to feel that you are being taken seriously, no matter what your age is. A woman in her 20's has the same feelings and desires as a woman in her 40's, the only difference is that the woman in her 20's has a bit more time. With a woman in her late 30's to early 40's, although conservative treatment could work, it should be her choice as to whether or not she wants to be aggressive. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies feels strongly that a woman's choice should be listened to and honored; and will always make decisions and recommendations that are best for you and your partner, and not Arizona Center for Fertility Studies.

Please enjoy browsing our web site and never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies does not charge for any follow-up consultations. (Read More)

Prior to your new patient consultation, please download and printout the new patient packet and fill it out. If you do not have this capability, than you can arrive about 15-20 minutes early for your appointment and fill out the forms than. Use the Contact Form feature on the web site for the best way to get to the office. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies is right off the Shea exit of 101. I look forward to meeting you and your partner and working successfully to achieve your most cherished dream.

With warm regards,

Jay S. Nemiro
Medical Director, Arizona Center for Fertility Studies

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