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STOP looking for an IVF Doctor and schedule your appointment with Shane Lipskind. I am 47 years old and have been to a variety of IVF doctors. I have done a ton of research and I would like to share my experience with you. I wish I had a review like this so I did not need to look any further. Let me tell you about the differences.

  1. State of the Art Lab (Most Important)
  2. A doctor that cares and understands. He adds a person touch that other doctors do not. He does personal phone calls and has an excellent bedside manner.
  3. The Staff - Is Superior! You feel like you have entered a family. I was in tears when I left.
  4. The percentages for live birthrate are the highest in Arizona
  5. They do ongoing research studies to make them the best fertility clinic in the country.

If you are looking for someone to be by your side during an emotional period and to embrace your journey. Please call Dr. Shane Lipskind he is excellent!

Jyl - 2017

We are so thankful to Dr. Lipskind and his team. (Jen and Sondra.). We had been elsewhere and were treated like a number when a friend suggested we meet with them. We are so glad we did!

Dr. Lipskind was so thorough and we got pregnant our first cycle of IVF with two beautiful babies! (We chose to use two embryos)

Besides being so incredibly brilliant in their field and their crazy high success rate, they have amazing rapport with their clients. We knew they were invested in our success.

We are forever grateful for their help in getting us our two little loves!

We can not recommend more highly

Stephanie - April 3, 2018

This center is a godsend. Dr. Shane Lipskind consulted with me about my options. He took the time to explain every detail of what could be done. He put me at ease. He ran tests, gave his expert opinion and helped me tremendously. The atmosphere is soft and warm. It was definitely worth the 3.5 hour drive. I now know definitely what is wrong with me. He's genuinely caring and I would highly recommend him and this practice.


When you are going through this most difficult time, finding an experienced doctor and a compassionate office is everything. I have unsuccessfully been to some of the top fertility centers in Los Angeles. SCRC with Dr. Mark Surrey turned out to be just a glorified baby making center with very little regard to individual patient outcome and very little face time with these overrated doctors. Dr. Charlie March is an amazing doctor, but the fertility center (CFP) also just another baby making machine with little regard to outcome, and focused more on recruiting international patients. I can tell you when you start to feel like just a number and rushed through appointments, then it is time to find another fertility doctor. I was fortunate to be recommended to Dr. Shane Lipskind at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies and I couldn't be more grateful. After SEVERAL years of failed attempts, I am now 9 weeks pregnant and I owe everything to the expertise and patience of Dr. Lipskind and his wonderful staff. He goes the extra mile with all his patients and treats each patient as an individual, not a number. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lipskind and this office. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you.... Thank you for always staying positive and believing! XOXO

Kim in Scottsdale, AZ - 2/24/2019

I have 2 more beautiful children thanks to these wonderful people. I traveled from Sacramento, CA for a tubal reversal because I just loved the people over the phone and even more so when I met them in person. I was always treated like I was the most important and only patient they had. I referred a friend as well and she had the same great things to say about them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless all of you.


After 5 failed IUI cycles at another facility in the valley, we came to Dr. Lipskind and couldn't be happier. He was never rushed and spent quality time with us explaining options, our approach, and made us feel like we were finally at the right place. He was detailed and informative, compassionate and kind—truly a one of a kind Dr. And guess what? We were pregnant on the first attempt with him! Highly recommend.


Dr. Lipskind helped my wife and I conceive our twins. We spent over two years with ACFS due to struggles during our pregnancy attempts and he was ALWAYS there for us to vent, cry, and cheer us on. He remained professional while also treating us like we were more than "another patient" to him. I highly recommend Dr. Lipskind if you are struggling to conceive, he is an incredible doctor and human being. To this day, we still send photos of our kids and let him know how thankful we are to him for partaking in our journey with us. Thank you so much, Dr. Lipskind!!


We tried a larger more well known fertility clinic first and it felt like we were at McDonalds (impersonal and “get em in and get em out” mentality). Then about to give up on the fertility treatment journey I noticed on the internet Dr. Lipskind’s offer for a free consult. He spent over an hour via video conference before we even met in person. He also took the time to explain every religious based concern we had. My wife is now pregnant. Do yourself a favor and contact Dr. Lipskind!

KSM in AZ - Feb 19, 2019

My wife went in and had a tubal reversal. Three months later she is pregnant!! Thank you Dr. Lipskind for doing an excellent job! Everyone who works there was kind and helpful. Now just hoping for a girl??

Kaleb in Scottsdale, AZ - Oct 05, 2018

You won’t find a better doctor. Kind, caring, detail-oriented, and hard working. He goes above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable and understand each part of the process. His nurses and the front office staff are remarkable. Truly the best in the business - and I’ve been in TONS of doctor’s offices. Without a doubt, you will not find better care or treatment!

Chelsea in Queen Creek, AZ - May 11, 2018

Dr. Lipskind is highly competent, pro-patient, responsible, and markedly efficient. He treats couples as family and we have had great success with him. Clearly obvious he has been well trained and vetted.

Apr 11, 2018

Dr. Lipskind was very thorough in his explanation of all options available to me and made sure I was well informed before making any decisions on treatment.

Jennifer in Phoenix, AZ - Nov 03, 2017

Dr Lipskind is the best doctor in the entire world. He cares for you and works from the bottom of his heart. I highly recommend people come to see him.

Mai in Peoria, AZ - Jul 03, 2017

Amazing doc!

Scottsdale, AZ - May 26, 2017

Dr. Lipskind is a great doctor. I was very fortunate to have been referred to him by a close friend. We have gone to several fertility specialists and each one treated us like a number. Dr. Lipskind was kind while explaining things to us. He was very considerate and understanding during our fertility journey. The staff are excellent and very kind. We wouldn't have our little one without the help of Dr. Lipskind and his staff.

Avondale, AZ - Feb 01, 2017

I wish I could notify everyone struggling to getting pregnant, and tell them Dr. Shane Lipskind WILL help you. He embodies everything you could want in a doctor. I will forever be indebted to him for my heathy pregnancy and beautiful daughter. Over 1 year later, I continue to feel that he performs miracles. He is extremely intelligent, patient and kind. You will never feel rushed, pressured or forgotten. Please make an appointment because this Doctor brings you comfort the moment you meet him.

Jamie in Phoenix, AZ - Jan 31, 2017

We were grateful for Dr. Nemiro's 'get down to business' and aggressive treatment plan. We knew that this was a huge financial investment with no 100% guarantee and were thankful for Dr. Nemiro leaving no stone unturned, while also being very conservative. Throughout our research, we have found that not every provider practices the same way. We were successful on our first attempt, and would recommend everyone to ACFS.

Elizabeth in Tempe, AZ - 6/14/2017

I have a beautiful son because of them. Unfortunately lost his twin brother at term, but my road was long and I knew the risks and they were there for all of it. Instead of pushing me towards expensive IVF Dr. Lipskind understood i wanted a tubal reversal and did it! Afterwards just 1 cycle of iui and boom! Can’t thank them enough.

Vivien in Litchfield Park, AZ - 1/17/2016

Dr. Nemiro and his staff treated me very well, and I look forward to seeing them in the future. They have given me hope and presented me with a number of options in dealing with infertility. The office is beautiful, the staff are pleasant, and you can even email Dr. Nemiro with questions. Dr. Nemiro and his lab staff are doing cutting-edge genetic testing and embryological/reproductive medicine.

Lynn in Anchorage, AK - 6/4/2011

Dr Nemiro is so cool and knowledgeable. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and informed throughout my entire IVF journey. I can’t imagine going through any infertility treatment in the future with any other doctor or staff. Nurse Jennifer and Nurse Gina are amazing and so kind and caring and the front staff is amazing too.

Angela - December 18, 2018

Dr. Lipskind and the entire team are simply amazing!! So nice, professional and considerate. We love our baby girl Taytum Renay:)

Stacia - December 14, 2018

Fantastic team. We visited 2 other valley Drs before reaching the best with Dr. Nemiro and his group of professionals. Were it not for their loving support, expertise, encouragement, and ultimate belief that we could be parents; we would not have had our baby boy Everest born April 2018. Tremendous Thanks! Nicole and Philippe

Nicole - May 31, 2018

From my first visit to my last appointment, Dr. Lipskind and the entire staff have been great!

They were always quick to answer any insurance or surgery questions. The surgery scheduler was very accommodating with my busy schedule and worked with me to find the perfect surgery date.

Dr. Lipskind took the time to make sure I knew what was going to happen and thoroughly reviewed all possible outcomes with me.

I am very happy with my experience at ACFS.

Jennifer - November 2, 2017

Dr. Lipskind and his staff are remarkable. Everyone genuinely cares and is concerned for you and your well being. He's easily accessible if you run into any problems or urgent matters. His nurses are knowledgeable and so helpful. And the front office staff couldn't be any more efficient, kind, or helpful. You are in the best hands if you come to see Dr. Lipskind!

Anonymous - May 10th, 2018

All of the nursing staff [at AZ Center for Fertility Studies-Scottsdale] showed me compassion, from my primary nurse, financial coordinator, to the front desk staff. They are all wonderful.... The office layout can be confusing but the result is a private space and keeps it from feeling clinical or cold. The office does not feel like it is sterile and cold as other clinics do. Makes it feel almost homey.

Anonymous - 2016 - 2018

Everyone [at Az Ctr for Fert Studies] was so friendly from the front office staff, to the financial consultant, to the embryologists, to the doctors. I felt like they were our cheerleaders. They were there for us when we received good news, and were compassionate when we received bad news. I actually miss going into the office to see everyone...I worked with a few nurses in the office, but primarily with Jennifer. All of them were fantastic. They were so compassionate and caring. If I called or emailed with a question they made sure to get back to me the same day...

Anonymous - 2014 - 2016

They [AZ center for Fertility Studies] do a great job at making the journey as easy as possible. Great place and great staff. I did not experience anything I would want to be changed. I felt like everything was open, honest, and up front..... We had a reversal so it was one surgery. He did walk us through every step of the procedure beforehand and on the day of surgery. After I got pregnant he monitored me until I was 12 weeks to make sure the baby was where is needed to be.

Anonymous - 2015

The only weakness [at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies] I can think of, if I have to pick one, is maybe oldish machines but they do the job, so no complaints really. A clinic does not have to have top notch brand new equipment to do a good job. Great clinic, great staff, GREAT Dr! :)...They [nurses] are awesome, funny, and treat you like a friend. They answer all questions either via phone or email by the end of each day if not sooner.

Anonymous - 2018

The front desk/office staff were fabulous. Dr.Nemiro and the nurses were all available via email which we loved. We got very quick responses. I cannot think of any weaknesses. We had the best experience at ACFS....Gina, Melinda, and Jenn were all amazing. We couldn't rave about them enough. We are so thankful for that team that took care of us....My retrieval protocol was aggressive....This experience is incredibly stressful. Dr. Nemiro made it as easy as possible.

Anonymous - 2016 - 2017

[ACFS nurse] Jennifer is an angel on earth. She's the perfect compliment to Dr. Nemiro. She's warm, cares so deeply, and wears her heart on her sleeve...Jay is what I wanted in a doctor- candid, blunt, confident and knowledgeable. I wouldn't say he was warm, but I didn't need that. I wanted to get pregnant, and that's what happened. He knows what he's doing, and I trusted him from moment one. He wants you pregnant, and he doesn't try to make more money by making the process slower than it needs to be. He'd listen to me and offer his opinion always.

Anonymous - 2015 - 2016

Jen [a nurse at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies] rocks. She is the day-to-day point person in his practice. She's very compassionate, fun, kind but super knowledgeable....

Anonymous - 2015 - 2016

My doctor was Dr. Lipskind and he completed a tubal reversal for us back in 3/2015. After suffering one miscarriage we are now blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Never in a million years did I think we would have another baby, but he made it possible. Dr. Lipskind was kind, honest, and upfront about everything. He was never rushed and answered all our questions. After visiting a number of fertility offices we knew the day we met him, that he was the one to go with. He was a little more expensive but worth every penny. I would not change anything. He is a miracle worker and was able to complete our family.

Michelle N. in Chandler, AZ - 12/5/2017

I'm so happy my OB's office referred me to Dr. Lipskind's Office for fertility treatment. As a physician myself, I wanted to see the fertility specialist other medical specialists trusted for their own care. Dr. Lipskind's results speak for themselves, and his office provides the best overall care of any medical office I've come into contact with.

Scheduling is easy, he makes himself very available to his patients, and his entire office staff is welcoming. Appointments never felt rushed, and he took whatever time was needed to answer questions and explain processes and options thoroughly. He has an impressive medical knowledge base and uses this knowledge to get the best possible results for his patients. Costs were explained well up front, and a number of options for financing were discussed with us early on in our care. He has impressive teams both in the lab and for procedures. Dr. Lipskind and his team are genuinely compassionate; we felt cared for and supported through this emotionally challenging time. We couldn't be more grateful for the twin girls he helped us have! I highly recommend AZ Center for Fertility Studies to anyone with any fertility challenge.

Carrie H. in Phoenix, AZ - 11/20/2017

Dr Lipskind and team are incredible. Dr Lipskind is the best doctor in the entire World. This comes from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend him to those people who are having a hard time trying to have a kid. Come visit Dr Lipskind - you will be 100% satisfied. My wife and I would like to thank Dr Lipskind for helping us to become parents of our first child in December of 2017. We consulted with 5 different doctors in the valley, but no one could help us. Some doctors recommended hysterectomy due to multiple fibroids in my wife’s uterus. They told us we have no chance to have kid. They were wrong. Dr Lipskind can help you with those problems. Dr Lipskind has removed 21 fibroids. He did a great job which no one else could do. Dr Lipskind is an amazing doctor. We are so excited for our first baby coming. Thank you Dr Lipskind for all your hard work.

Nghia M. in Peoria, AZ - 7/1/2017

We went through the IVF process with a surrogate at ACFS and one week ago our daughter was born. The entire staff at ACFS were incredibly helpful and supportive the entire time. We must have asked them a thousand questions and they patiently answered them all, and in a timely way. Dr. Lipskind is an exceptional doctor that always maintained the highest standard. Their lab person created five perfect embryos and it only took us one try to get our surrogate pregnant.

Josh N. in San Francisco, CA - 6/6/2017

We started to see Dr Lipskind in January 2016 to see if we were good candidates for a tubal reversal. After some thorough checking I was scheduled for the reversal in April 2016. The recovery was hard but I had a positive pregnancy test on in the beginning of July 2016. I am 34 weeks pregnant today and can't wait to meet our precious little bundle of joy! Dr Lipskind did an awesome job and we couldn't be happier!

Thanks Dr!

Keith and Sheri in Phoenix, AZ - 2/6/2017

Dr. Lipskind is a wonderful doctor. We've had one failed attempt and many visits to other fertility doctors. He and the staff at Arizona Center for Fertility have been great and very understanding during our fertility journey. We would never have been able to conceive without the help of Dr. Lipskind. He didn't treat us like a number and listened to us as well as explained medical issues to us instead of making us feel like we were the problem in our attempts to conceive. He was very comforting, especially during this time when you are in a very emotional state of wanting a child and not knowing who to turn to. I was very happy and very blessed to be referred to Dr. Lipskind and his staff. Thank you so much for all your help.

An in Goodyear, AZ - 1/31/2017

Dr. Kummer never ever treated us like a number. Every time we saw her, she took her time, got to know us as people (not just patients), and truly cared about us. In addition, all care was personalized to us, not just a standard "we will do this". She was honest with us about what she thought would get us the best results, and also cared about our feelings. She is truly a gem in the fertility world!

Anonymous - 2019

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