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Inspirational Stories

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies has helped to bring 10,000+ new souls into the world. Over the years, we have received thousands of thank you notes from patients expressing their gratitude and appreciation. So many of them are really "letters of inspiration" and hope for all the future pregnancies that are yet to come. All the thank you letters are so appreciated, but none of them come close to the "thank you" that we all can see in the faces of the proud new parents who bring their miracles of science and joy in to meet us at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies.

"Dear Nemiro, thank you for taking such good care of me throughout the process. You, Gina and all of your staff were so wonderful to work with. You all managed to take a daunting experience and make it a pleasant one. I am so happy to know I have these eggs stored away, a big weight has been lifted for me Thank you for everything you have done for me and for safeguarding my little eggs. Thank you!"

July 2018

"Dr. Nemiro and team... There are no words to express our gratitude to you all for your roles in making our family dreams a reality. The encouragement, support and expertise given us allowed for the largest miracle gift of our life. We are forever grateful for your assistance in helping our son become a living breathing miracle of life. Love."

N & P
May 2018

"Dear Dr. Nemiro & the other angels at ACFS,
A and I are so glad to inform you that we have been blessed with a baby girl on 21 March. This blessing in our lives has been possible only because of your efforts and your emotions as well. We cannot thank you enough for this. Nevertheless, thank you very for being the angel who has brought in the God’s blessing into our lives. I did try talking to you and Gina to give you this great news but guess you were both busy making someone else’s dream come true. We sharing a couple of her pictures here. Once again thank you very much for love, warmth and attention that you have given us throughout the treatment. God bless you all!"

Y & A
April 2018

"Please do not think that we have forgotten about the team at ACFS. We have been meaning to stop in and say hello, but eventually M was put on bed-rest. We are now at 35 weeks and babies are continuing to grow! The last ultrasounds measured them at 5lbs. 4oz. and 4lbs 11oz. As you can imagine, M is very uncomfortable and ready to send eviction notices to the girls. We have a scheduled C on 3/2 at 11:30am. I believe developmentally the girls are in the clear, but the longer they can stay in... the better. I want to make sure you guys know that we will be forever grateful for everything that you have done. As you know, we have been attempting fertility treatment for a while with no success. I knew things would be different when Dr. J leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the couch during our 1st consultation. We felt that we were not just a number or statistic at ACFS. So thank you for helping fulfill our dream of becoming parents! Maybe we can stop by one day to introduce you to the two girls. Thanks again."

S & M
March 2018

"To an Amazing Doctor , Nurses and Staff. J and I are so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you at this amazing office. You all are so sweet and loving in different ways. We truly have never felt so special as a patient in a doctor’s office. There is a special uniqueness about this practice and it is felt very sincerely. We are so grateful to you all and thank you for making our dreams come true. You have touched and changed our lives. You have brought us our little miracle of joy. Thank you for walking with us threw this journey. Thank you for always listening and giving so much of your time. Thank you for always caring and wiping away my tears. Thank you so much."

J & T
March 2018

"Dear Dr. Nemiro. There isn’t a ficus tree large enough to show my gratitude for making our dreams come true... TWICE. Since I know kudos aren’t your thing, here’s my promise... We will raise wonderful humans who will help make this world a better place. All your appreciation."

A & C
February 2018

"Dr. Nemiro and Staff- Thank you so much for helping our dream of having a baby come true. We cannot express enough gratitude for the part you played in bringing our beautiful boy into the world! With thanks,"

E & M
January 2018

"Hello everyone. We have some great news! We are pregnant! This has been quite a 3 year journey and we finally received the awesome news this evening! We want to thank you all for making this happen for us. It’s been an amazing road with many ups and downs but we finally have a baby on the way all thanks to you and your hard work. We will keep you posted of our progress. All the best."

W and M
January 2018

"Dear Dr. Nemiro, I know we are not even close to being done with our baby journey, but we wanted to thank you because you are the sole reason we have gotten this far. It is because of you that we are pregnant and blessed with more than we ever expected or thought was possible. When we came into your office for the first time, we had already been though 2 years of heartbreak trying by ourselves and another almost 2 years with an awful doctor so we were hopeless, scared, and lost. From the first time we met you and from every appointment and interaction on you always made us a priority, you thoroughly went through our medical history, listened to our struggles and gave me tissues for my tears, you explained everything to us at a level we could understand, never did you limit your time with us even though most of the time we went way past our appointment times, you gave us access to you on your time whether it be past office hours, on weekends, and even on your own vacation time. And what you did for us most of all was give us hope that we could get pregnant and never did you give up on us. After we lost the baby after our 2nd round of IVF, you told me to hang in there and together we would find a way to get me pregnant and when you said that to me I knew you meant it which meant everything to me and gave me continued faith and hope. You are an extraordinary doctor, a fascinating and compassionate human being, and truly an angel walking this planet and in our lives. There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for you. We also appreciate everyone that works for you. Your whole team from the front office staff to the nurses are precious in our eyes and they all have played an important sympathetic kindhearted role in one of the most difficult parts of our lives. They have all gone above and beyond in more ways than I can even begin to recount and say. We are truly grateful to them all especially Gina and Jen. Gina and Jen both have found a career or calling meant especially for them not only are they amazing nurses but they are truly incredible people. They are both remarkable women in every sense of the word. They have cried with us, been excited for us, and have been there for us in every way possible. So thank you for helping us on our difficult journey to make our dream of having babies come true. Sincerely."

B and J
January 2018

"Dr. Nemiro. Thank you for all that you do to improve your field and get the best results. I can see that you always want to do better- that’s what we love about you! Thank you for helping us achieve a second miracle pregnancy. We feel like we’ve won the lottery a second time! I feel like ACFS is part of our family- you have an amazing staff. I’m sad to be saying goodbye, but happy to be “graduating” to regular pregnant lady status. I have always felt valued and important to you, and I have total confidence in whatever (crazy!) stuff you want me to do (so many pills!!! HAPPY FACE). Best to you and Gina, Love."

Rachel and Levi
September 2017

"I totally believe in Dr. Nemiro's recommendations and to be very honest with you I have been terrified with the thought of moving away from Dr Nemiro's and your care after 21 September. I have honestly not met any other Doctor who has got the level of knowledge, experience and commitment of Dr. Nemiro. When I say that he is only doctor who has answers to all my questions I say that purely because of my experience and the little understanding that I have had through this long journey of 12 years. Thanks again for your support."

Y & A
September 2017

"Dear Dr. Nemiro, Gina, Jennifer and ACFS staff. Thank you so much for your dedication and support in making our dream and desire to be parents, by having this little guy, a reality. He would not be here without you and the amazing work you do. We are so grateful for him and cannot believe he is with us. We are enjoying every minute as his parents. Thank you for giving us hope and not letting us give up on this journey. He was worth all the wait and struggle. Grateful."

C & J
August 2017

"It was wonderful to see you both -and Drew and Jen! - and the rest of your team last week. Our appreciation for your passion and SUCCESS is beyond words... You know... if there is EVER anything I can do for you and your patients I'm here! For my sake--- please share our success story every time you can. "IT JUST TAKES ONE" (plus Gina, Drew and Dr. Nemiro) xoxoxo. Here's a link to what we are up to- let me know if you want to be a test kitchen! Henrietta Isak Atlas Skywalker celebrates 2 years as our daughter March 31st. She's a joy beyond words. Thank you is not enough. We are eternally grateful for this gift, our gorgeous, healthy, happy child. God bless you all at ACFS! WE LOVE YOU! Xoxoxo"

Wendy and James
April 2017

"Dr Nemiro and Team. Words cannot express our gratitude we have for ACFS in helping us welcome your baby girl into our family. Thank you for solving our puzzle while always showing compassion, support and candor. We could not have asked for better care through this journey. Almost a year ago, I was watching an embryo being implanted; and today, I am holding an amazing little girl. Thanks you ALL for helping us find our bliss."

Richard and Sarah
March 2017

"Dr. Nemiro. During a recent appointment with my OB/GYN, she asked me if I had updated you as to the outcome of your treatment. I hadn’t. I saw you for a reversal of my 15 year old tubal ligation, but you found that do to a uterine ablation, the uterus was stick together in the middle. You did a procedure for “Asherman’s Syndrome” and later did the reversal. I conceived mono-di twins which I carried to 33 weeks in March 2014. A couple of weeks in NICU and they are the picture of health. They were delivered by C/S because baby B was bigger than baby A (which was also breech); and there was a spontaneous breaking of my bag of water. Two beautiful red haired boys were born. Just this past November 3rd, I delivered another son at 34 weeks 5 days by C/S. And, once again, a successful pregnancy, and a wonderful little boy. I apologize for the medical terms that I tossed around in this note, but being a doctor, I figured you’d enjoy some of the details. Like doctor gossip? In any case, I don’t believe there is anyone else who could have and would have done all that you did to help me. I cannot thank you enough. This could have been an email but then I couldn’t enclose these birth announcements for you. All the best."

Sara and Joseph
February 2017

"Dr. Nemiro. Our family can not thank you enough for your generosity and the blessing of a new baby girl. After our son passed away, we did not think that we would see beauty and light again. Our daughter, Hope, has helped to bring those things back into the world. Words can’t express how much she means to us and she would not be here if it wasn’t for you, thank you. Hope was born September 2016 and everyone in the surgery room said that she was a miracle baby. Even the doctor that delivered her said that he was impressed with the tubal reversal surgery and the fact that I was able to get pregnant again after having the Essure procedure. We did not get our “hopes” up that we would conceive again and we are were so happy and besides ourselves with joy when we found out that we were pregnant as well as on the day that she was born. Please also send our thanks to your amazing staff, they were so kind to us! I wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season. Thank you so very much."

Kari and Cameron
December 2016

"Dear Shane, Bret and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us over the last two years. We are beyond excited for our baby to arrive in April, all thanks to you! Both Bret and I knew after our first meeting with you that we chose the right doctor and the right office to help us become parents. Our journey towards parenthood was long, but you were always so reassuring that we would eventually find our way. After every bump in the road we encountered, there was always a comforting phone call from you explaining something we could adjust or something new we could try. You were compassionate when we received bad news and offered hugs when I needed reassurance. Most important of all, you never gave up . . . and didn’t allow us to give up either. By far, infertility is one of the hardest things we have ever faced. Your hard work made everything possible for us. Bret and I will be forever grateful to you and everyone at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies for making our dreams of starting a family come true."

Bret and Natali
September 2016

"Hello, Good Friends at ACFS. We would like to introduce our baby girl, Sydney Mae. She was born at 1:20pm on June 3rd (via C-section) and weighed in at 6 lbs.’1oz. Mom and baby are perfect, and in good health and the happy daddy is totally smitten. Jen and I wanted to send you all a special thank-you for your tireless efforts and support in helping this little miracle happen. It was a long road, but one with a happy ending, and we sincerely appreciate all you did to help us achieve our goal of having a family. We have lots of pictures, but here is a sampling of the first few days. Each day we spend with Sydney, we learn a little more about her developing personality and never thought it could be possible to feel more love and appreciation than we do at this moment in our lives. Please let us know if you would like more pictures or continuing updates, and we sincerely hope that miracles continue to happen at ACFS for years to come."


Erin and Jen
July 2016

"Dear Dr. Nemiro, You have helped us achieve the impossible. You have created a miracle in our lives. Words can not express our gratitude. Thank you for helping us find the light. Please accept as a token of our affection this Fertility Mask from the Makonde people of Tanzania. I hope it will bring continued blessings to the families you help create."


Sandra and Tom
May 2016

"Jay & Gina- Thank you for all of the great care. Without your help, we wouldn’t have our two little ones. It was worth all of the travel for the great practice you have. "


April 2016

"There have been angels in our life ... angels who show up when a kind word is needed, when a smile or an act of caring can make a big difference. Yes, there have been angels in our life, and one of them is both of you."

Dr. Jay and lovely Gina. We just want to thank you of all your dedication, commitment and support to make our baby miracle happen.


Jen and Erin
April 2016

Dr. Nemiro & Staff.

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for making our dreams come true. If it wasn't for you, your team, and your practice, my husband and I would not be enjoying our new bundle of joy. You were truly a blessing to our family. Included is a picture of our miracle that you made possible - born in January 2016, one year after your services.

Many thanks,

March 2016

Dear Dr. Nemiro - words can't express how happy and appreciative we feel. You have made our dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We'll be back soon.

Chris and Alyssa
February 2016

Dr. Nemiro - Just wanted to say thanks for everything! We really appreciate all the support and advice you all have given us along the way. Infertility is a physical and emotional roller coaster - we couldn't have persevered this long without you! We will be back when it's time for #2. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

J & D
January 2016

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff. We wanted to write a letter and say thank you so much! Words will never adequately explain our gratitude for all you did for us. Through this whole process you gave us hope, encouragement, love and the best gift we could have ever received- our baby. After all the years of hoping and wishing we are finally a family. The process was often hard at times, but you were always there and showed us kindness and encouragement (especially Gina and Jennifer). We could not have worked with a better doctor and staff. We are truly so grateful for all you have done for us. Our son is almost 8 months old and he brings us so much joy. Our hearts are full and we love him so much. You have made a huge impact on our lives and we will be forever grateful. We look forward to working with you again in the future! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Much love.

Colby and Malea
December 2015

Dr. Nemiro - Hope this finds you well! How can it be that I started a journey with you 22 years ago. . .wait 23!! My son is 21 and graduating from college in May. He played lacrosse all through college. He is now applying to law schools! Our daughter is 17 and a junior in high school. She dances in a "hip-hop crew", plays lacrosse and is hoping to be a doctor one day- she loves viruses! Weirdo! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. . .or Dr. McGaughey, Gina, Sharon and Jody. After all, you gave me the greatest gift in the world- my son and daughter!! You handed me the largest lottery winning in the world. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, always. I sincerely celebrate ZIFT dates, etc. . .Ha! Ha! Thank you is never enough, but always know that you are talked about by the kids and my family. Love to all of you.

November 2015

Dr. Jay & Staff.

We want to say thank you for taking such great care of us and for helping us achieve a dream that we thought would never be possible. Your staff was so kind and full of knowledge; they went out of their way to make us feel at ease and well taken care of. The pregnancy went very smoothly until our little guy decided he wanted to meet us early! He must have been just as excited as we were! My water broke eight weeks early and I was admitted and on bed rest for two weeks. Once he was born, the hospital staff couldn't believe that he was only thirty-four weeks; they kept telling us that we must have the date wrong, not likely! He was only in the NICU for one week before we were able to bring him home. We are having so much fun and love being parents! We are so appreciative of all you have done for us, we cannot thank you enough. Much love and thanks.

Christle and Mike
August 2015

Hi Dr. Lipskind!

Gracie was born yesterday at 38 weeks 4 days. She weighs 7 pounds and is 20 and 1/2 inches long! I have never seen a more beautiful baby girl in my life! We are so in love with her! I'm tearing up writing this right now but this miracle baby would have never been possible for me and Kristin if not for you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything! We talk about you guys all the time! Not only about how good you all are at what you do but what amazing people you are and friends you have become. This has been an extremely emotional journey for me and Kristin. I don't believe we could have found a better infertility doctor as genuine and caring in the world as you! You Jen and everyone else who helped us in this journey are truly amazing people and there are no words to express how thankful we are for you guys. I hope you enjoy the pics and can't wait to bring her by to meet you!!!

Gracie Jo and Kristin
July 2015

ACFS Team.

We cannot thank you enough for making our dreams of becoming parents possible. We want to thank you for your kindness; you're honestly, your car and your dedication. We felt like you were with us every step of the way. You do amazing work and we are glad we were able to be introduced to you!

Nikki and Brad
July 2015

ACFS Staff.

Thank you so much for helping to make my dreams of becoming a mother a reality. This is the best gift anyone could ever give me and I owe it all to you! The babies are happy and healthy and growing like weeds.

June 2015

Dear Dr. Lipskind & Madam Gina.

Words are not enough to express our sincere appreciation and gratification, as you are primarily concern about our challenge and looking for means on how God can use you to get us out of this predicament. Despite the fact you have many patients at your doorpost, yet you still believe that our situation and condition are part of the cases you must pay attention to. For all these good effort you have made. My God will surely reward you openly so that people can see his goodness in your lives. He will extend your coast and will continue to use you and ACFS for this and generations to come. It is a pity that the embassy does not see our hearts, we never planned to stay in US after out treatment. Starting life afresh is never in our plans as we are comfortable and blessed with good things that make life more better. Keeping away from our church and home requires great sacrifice. Anyway, we shall keep trying our best until we are granted VISAS to visit Arizona so as to enable us have one on one talk with you and Gina, and also have our treatment at your center. We have made up our mind not to incur a dime again elsewhere except your Center. I still believe that challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them makes life more meaningful. Once again, we write to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude, for you have displayed high level of good relationship and concern to us. We shall keep updating and require for your assistance whenever the need arises. May God continue to strengthen you physically, materially and above all spiritually. Sincerely we value you as you have honestly touched our lives. We appreciate your greatly.

Ruth and David
May 2015

Dr. Nemiro.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the greatest gift! I've known since my first consult that I chose the right office and you and your staff continued to prove me right. Both of us will be forever grateful!

Ruby and Graham
May 2015

Shane, thank you for being there for Kira.

You made the process so much easier for her. I will be forever grateful for the compassion, kindness and care you gave her. The post you put on facebook was very touching. Thank you for being a positive impact in my daughters life. If you would like to follow Kira's journey, here is the link to her caring bridge account: Feel free to read the last two journal entries if you would like. I will be updating it more often the closer we get to transplant. Once again, thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughter! She's doing very well. Kira really loves the bracelets you got for her. They are gorgeous. Those beautiful bracelets will remind her to dig deep, and remain strong when times get rough. ( Kira's own words )

We both will never forget all that you've done for us. We are forever grateful. Thanks,

Kathy and Kira
May 2015

Dr. Lipskind, Dr. Nemiro and Staff.

We are forever grateful for everything you have done for our family. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl born in March 2015. You have made it possible by the amazing job you did just last year in February in reversing my tubal ligation. I never thought I'd be able to have another child due to my regretful decision to "burn" my tubes 10 years ago. Your kindness, Dr. Lipskind, and positivity during our consultation gave me hope. We have no words that can express our gratitude enough. You are a blessing to our family. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for making it possible for our family to grow. God bless you all,

Anna and Jesus
April 2015


Ok girlie, I haven't given up, nothing is stopping us from having our baby. I'm waiting to find out if a friend will qualify for financing for us. This has been such an emotional month and wanting our own child and not being able to control it kills me. I will know tomorrow if I'm moving forward or having to deal with the ultimate disappointment...Ugh! Don't know if I could handle that but wanted to thank you for all your support. I honestly could not have gone through this without your help! Thanks Jen!! Thank you for holding my hand, wiping my tears and giving me a hug when I need it. You are an angle. I will let you know when I hear from the financing companies. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I don't have to deal with disappointment. Lately the depression has been more than I can handle. But I'm holding on to hope! I would give up anything to make this happen. Hopefully I see you next month when I start. Thank you again girlie!! You are the best. I honestly hope Dr. Nemiro knows what a great employee he has. See you soon (see I'm being positive)!!

April 2015

Dr. Nemiro and everyone at ACFS!!

We can't even begin to thank you all enough for making our dreams come true!! We honestly believe in our hearts that if it wasn't for you we would never be able to be parents. We are now blessed with this beautiful baby girl and we are so in love! You have all done so much and helped us in our toughest times. Hopefully, we can make a trip up soon so you can see her. We love you all dearly and owe your for our happiness!! You are amazing!! Thank you!!

God bless.

Lauren and Chris
March 2015

Dr. Nemiro,

Thank you very much for what you have done for Tim and me. You have such a wonderful gift and have changed our life. I thank the lord Amber advised me to come see you. We are so excited for our new addition.

With love and respect.

Tim and Sabrina
February 2015

Thanks again for all you and your team did for us. Our family is grateful every single day for the miracle you gave us.

Eternally grateful.

Vince and Shona
February 2015

Dr. Nemiro & Staff,

The words "thank you" could never express my gratitude for all that the staff @ ACFS have done for me over the past 1+ year. It has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs with times of joy and happiness; and times of heartbreak and sadness but through it all you and the team have given me hope and made me feel comfortable with each step. Gina and Jen have been angels, always so kind and generous, supportive. They have been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to share my joy with! There was a time where I thought I might never realize my dream of having a baby. But because of your perseverance and determination we forged ahead one more time and now I have you to thank for the 2 babies I will deliver this summer. From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU and the staff for making my dream of becoming a mother come true! Thank you.


January 2015

Dr. Nemiro, Gina and Staff,

It is with the utmost happiness that we announce the birth of our daughter. She was born November 12th just after midnight and we've been smiling ever since! Enclosed is here first photo, day 1 of her life, and she has been bright eyed like that every day. We are so incredibly thankful to you, Dr. Nemiro, for being a HUGE part of bringing her into our lives. We pray for you and think of you guys often. We are just so, so happy.

Very sincerely,

Raffaele and Teresa
December 2014

Just wanted to leave a note to say THANK YOU for so many miracles. I had the tubal reversal in 2012. I came home and after having a bit of complication with my healing, was pregnant within 2 months. Our son was born August 2013 and completely perfect. I am sorry I have not written before. Everyone in our office is so caring, I am sure you always wonder with the outcome is of our patients. We are expecting our 6th child (a girl) this time due in April 2015 (second pregnancy post our tubal reversal) and are thrilled. Thank you for helping in giving us our blessings. God bless all of you as you are very special people and do a very important work. You change lives.

Forever grateful,

Juan and Jennifer
December 2014

Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

I am sending the items I didn't finish using! I am in my 12th week mark and wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU for all that you have done for our family! We will always be grateful for helping create our family.

With love,

Eric and Barbara
November 2014

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you for your patience while we slowly paid off our last IVF treatment. Actually, the credit goes to Dave and his "financial peace university" program, where we put you ahead of all others, and got where we are today. We are enclosing a picture of the love of our lives. You were a gift to us, from our tax preparer, and we will always think you as an angel who helped bring this beautiful child to us straight from the hands of God.

Thanks and many blessings.

Gary and Candis
August 2014

Dear Dr. Nemiro.

I never thought I would write a "thank you" not while not pregnant, but I can't help myself in this case. . . As sad and disappointed as I am that I was unsuccessful after my IVF attempts, I can honestly say that I am 100% positive that you and your team did 100% you could to help me. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart- you, Drew and Gina and the rest of the team are incredibly talented, kind and compassionate, and a blessing to us all. I'm going to take a break and process this outcome. But. . .you are not getting rid of me! Hello donor eggs!

With much love and gratitude,

July 2014

After a short break, Wendy decided to proceed with donor eggs and conceived on her first attempt and has a healthy going pregnancy. JSN.

Dr. Nemiro and Staff.

"To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do." Mike, myself and our entire family wanted to take this time to thank all of you for being so wonderful. Thank you Dr. Nemiro, Gina, Jennifer, Jubilee, Drew, front office staff for all you have done for us and always making us feel so well cared for. We cannot wait to come back to show you all our beautiful babies.


Michael and Karen
July 2014

Dr. Nemiro.

Thank you for who you are and what you are creating. We are very thankful and appreciative for your love and support over these past 4 years. Your staff has also been incredible and we appreciate their kind and ongoing encouragement. There is an Okinawan phrase, ICHARIBACHODE that we share with you. I mean that once we meet and we know each other's heart, we are brothers and sisters forever. Icharibachode.

We love you. Thank you.

Niya and Gina
June 2014

Good morning.

My husband and I wanted to be sure and inform you all that thanks to Dr. Nemiro and all of you we welcomed a healthy baby boy in February. It seemed like a long road and after the miscarriage we tried a little more, then gave up, accepting the fact that it was just not meant to be. After we did that we got pregnant right away and you guys all made us feel us comfortable that the pregnancy was healthy and viable. It was such a relief to be able to come in as we wished for ultrasounds to ease our worries and monitor the progress of our growing little guy. I know Dr. Nemiro has stats as far as how many live births have resulted in his treatment, so I figured you can add yet another to his tubal reversal stories. Please let him know that we are more than grateful for his services and the miracle it has brought to us! We are extremely grateful to you and the rest of his team for being so understanding and caring through the entire process!


Nick and Brandi
April 2014

Dear Dr. Nemiro and team.

We can't thank you enough for taking care of us at the beginning of our pregnancy. You make us feel like family and we can't thank you enough. We're so excited to introduce you to Benjamin. We're head over heels in love with this little guy and are having such fun as a family of three. Thanks for everything!


Sarah and Ben
March 2014


I just wanted to thank you a million times over. You have helped us have the most amazing and special blessing. Your expertise is a gift and I know you have helped so many and I don't think you will even know how thankful and appreciative we are!

Tracey and David
February 2014

Dr. Nemiro, Gina, and Team.

We came to see you in early spring last year. We spent about two hours sitting on your couch discussing every possible scenario for us to conceive. We didn't feel rushed or pushed, like we had felt when meeting with other fertility doctors. You worked with us to formulate a plan to begin with diagnostic tests. I was on your floor in pain after one of those tests. Remember us now, ha! Well thanks to you all, we have a beautiful, perfect baby girl! We cannot thank you enough for making our dreams come true. You made us feel incredibly comfortable and at ease during a time that was scary for us. You even worked out a payment plan for us. Although we didn't end up needing IVF, your hysteroscopy was enough to do the trick! You are a fantastic doctor and we are so lucky to have been your patients. You all made us feel comfortable and important. We will never forget what you did for us!

Ali and Caleb
January 2014

Dr. Nemiro, Gina, Lisa, Jennifer, Jubilee, and Janet (and everyone else @ ACFS).

Happy holidays! Josh and I wanted to take the time to thank you for your outstanding care. You made what could have been a very difficult journey easier and kept our focus on a positive outcome. Everyone there was so kind and gave us amazing personalized care. We feel blessed to have been referred to your practice and can't tell others enough about our great experience. Words can not express how appreciate we are for all your support. We are happy to report I am doing well at 23 weeks and are expecting a baby boy. We can't wait for you to meet our precious gift next year.


Ashlee and Josh
December 2013

Dr. Nemiro and staff. Just two small words to express so much gratitude. Thank You. There are no words to express our gratitude of what you all have done for us. All of your guidance, expertise and dedication in what you so exceeds all expectations. You truly have an amazing office and exceptional staff. I have been truly blessed to know each and everyone of you. Love,

Allison and Dave
December 2013

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff. Today I am officially 12 weeks and 2 days and as I write this I am waiting to have that last ultrasound of my first trimester tomorrow. I realize so many unforeseen things can happen, but I want to thank Dr. Nemiro and all of his staff for getting us to a point where we have a real chance of holding our baby in our arms. Now this is all great and dandy, but to me the amazing thing is I received all this fabulous care and never spend more than $100 at Dr. Nemiro's office. That's total. In a world of greedy and crooked people, I was given the best of care for free because I happened to fall into a crack in the system. If I can ever be a reference, or if you can use this letter, please do. I can say without any hesitation that everyone in his office from Dr. to front desk has your and your baby's best interest at heart regardless of the money. It is rare to find individuals that put people in front of the all mighty dollar nowadays and I commend your integrity. Regardless of how this journey ends, Andy and I will always be eternally grateful to all of you for your help and kindness. We wish continued success in your business and health and happiness to your family. Thank you again form the bottom of all three of our hearts.

Andy, Jennifer and Baby
November 2013

Ode to Dr. Nemiro

We ran into Dr. Nemiro at the office after our ultrasound today (update regarding that to come) and we had a discussion about a previous post here on our blog in which I mentioned that we don't get to see him around too often. Ash and I are pretty low maintenance (in a medical sense only) and a lot of times when we come in he is very busy in surgery or with a new patient. We were fortunate enough to get the chance to gather in the hallway and just generally block traffic while we had the chance to catch up, and I made the promise that I would make it publicly known that we DID see him today and he even hung out with us for a while (it's like mingling with a celebrity, LOL) He told us that some clips from the blog have made it to the Inspirational Stories page of the ACFS website. Also, I made a very loud promise to write him a haiku about our time together. Who doesn't love a good haiku?

Our consultation was with Dr. Nemiro in June of 2012. We knew nothing about fertility treatments, we obviously had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, and we were very nervous. We talked a little bit about our plans and our options, and then we saw those socks. Oh, those socks... I don't remember what pattern they were that day, but there was something about this doctor in his black scrubs with very loud and colorful socks that just cracked us up, and we were sold. Our consultation was about two hours long but we only talked about fertility treatments for about 30 minutes.

He performed the insemination that got me pregnant, and he performed the cystectomy that saved Ashley's ovary, which (in his own words) many doctors would have removed on sight. We have had some rough times over our span of time with him, and he has always been there with a smile on his face and ready to give us back as much crap as we give him. He's been supportive while we grieved, honest when we needed answers, and a friend to share our excitement with when our new has been good. Dr. Nemiro, Jay, I know you are reading this, so let me just say... You have been so wonderful to us, and we are so thankful for you. Your kindness is genuine and so vital to a scared couple just trying to start a family. We can't wait to bring our beautiful baby by the office for you to meet! Always remember that while we may be able to diagnose and treat ourselves at home these days thanks to the power of Google, we will always need you because Google can't get you pregnant.

And now, a few selected haikus, just for you.

Rhinestones on your car
We really thought you were gay
But it was your wife's
Fertility doc
Those are some sweet-ass socks, man
Rock that argyle
Pregnancy is great
It's really all thanks to you
Keep up the good work

With so, so much love and respect,
Devan and Ashley

Dr. Nemiro & Gina,

Thank you so much for being here the past 18 months. You are two truly wonderful people and I am so glad to have gone through this with you both.

P.S. Thanks for saving my ovary.


I don't have the words to describe how much we've come to love the two of you this past year and a half. . .Thank you for always humoring ;and putting up with us weirdos! Love, Devan

Ashley and Devan
October 2013

We did it!! We all Did it!! Thank you so much for everything- absolutely everything!! You all have made our life so complete- and words cannot describe the sheer joy and happiness little Lydia and David have brought us. You are truly making a difference in so many lives. With gratitude and love,

Tom and Molly
September 2013

Dear Dr. Lipskind,

I'm writing belatedly with the happy news of our son's birth! Nobu and I are so grateful to you for taking such good care of me and my ovaries - we wouldn't have Hiro without you.

April 2013

Dear Dr. Shane,

I was going to write you one of these days, but I'm really busy taking care of my little two angels. They are really cute and healthy babies, and we are totally in love with them. Me and my husband want to thank you (and all of your team) for all your efforts in our case, and the fact that you helped to make our dreams come true and allowed us to have an actual family. Every day I look at my babies and I remember that it was a chance that they could not be here today. But you make it possible. If there is anything similar to magic, it should be like being able to create life, and that's what you do guys, it is such amazing job. I hope you can meet the babies one of these days, you should be so proud of all those babies you helped to exist. With all our love.

Jan 2013

Dr. Lipskind,

Just when I thought I was giving up, God put you in my life and changed it all around. Thanks for everything you've done for me. All smiles! :)



I know our last post was all about depressing updates, so I wanted to share a GOOD story with you today.

I know that we've been going at this for over a year & I can't even begin to tell you how exhausting it can be at times...I think the biggest thing is you never know what is going to happen - do you have a cyst? Is your uterine lining thick enough? Did you make too many/too little eggs? Are you eggs good? The questions never stop. The only consistency we've had throughout this process is the medical staff at ACFS. Words cannot express my gratitude for these people, they are truly passionate about what they do and will go above and beyond to make your dreams come true

I've been reading through other blogs where lesbians are trying to get pregnant, and the staffs at their clinics seem so disconnected. So, despite the tears, the anger and the yearning for an itty bitty baby, I'm grateful I get to see these wonderful faces every month. Devan and I are blessed to be making this journey with such fine people.

Lisa, is who we see on a consistent basis. She is hard working and passionate about knockin' people up. She will laugh with you and she will cry with you. Most importantly, she is as committed to getting her patients pregnant as they are. It shows in everything she does. I feel like through this process she has been more than "just a nurse", and I feel so blessed to have been able to meet her.

Dr. Nemiro, what a hard working dude. Although, I barely see him, anytime I do he greets me with a big smile and always asks how we are doing. Dr. Nemiro holds a special place in my heart because he went the extra mile to save my ovary. The few times I've gotten to spend with him tells me he is passionate about what he does and a gigantic hippie - my kind of guy :)

Gina was our nurse before Lisa, and Devan and I LOVE her so much! This woman has the kindest eyes and such a soft spoken voice (this helps when you are crying like a little girl in their office) - she was always willing to chat with us for an extra 20 minutes to answer ALL our questions.

Janet - the jack of all trades at ACFS, she is there to answer any billing questions or to make sure you are on time for your appointment, but like everyone there she takes her job to a different level. While Devan and I had Nicolas, Janet went out of her way to talk with him & joke with him. I was so appreciated!

Michelle is the office manager, and she rocks. Not only does she always greet you with a smile, but she also shows a genuine care for everyone and will work with you with payment. She and Janet entertain me while I'm waiting to be seen :D

(There are a few people not pictured here, but that does not mean they aren't AWESOME) I think you can see by this post that Devan and I HIGHLY recommend going to ACFS if you have any infertility issues. If you would like more information let me know :)

Hopefully our next post is to inform you all that were gonna be mommies!


Dear Jay and Staff:

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support over the last few months. I am eternally grateful for such a fruitful start to this journey. I appreciate all the smiles, stories, Kleenex and encouragement. Thank you all,

August 2013

Jay & Gina.

First of all, we want to express our sincerest appreciation for everything you've done to make our dreams x 2 come true! But more than that, thank you for being such amazing people. In every way you had shined, and made this an amazing journey. We learned to lean on you, always knowing you'd be there for us; from scary nights and awkward conversations to seemingly endless shots and ultrasounds, we've come to admire and appreciate you. You will forever now be a part of our family. Thanks and with all our love and gratitude.

Brian, Stacey, Ava + Erika
July 2013

For three years we tried to maintain a pregnancy. We had four miscarriages, visited many doctors in multiple states and had tests, tests and more tests with no positive results. Finally we found the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies. Dr. Nemiro was the only doctor who was able to give us an explanation and a solution that made sense to us. He spent as much time with us as we needed to feel comfortable and confident in the process. The entire staff was amazing and supportive. It was a long, hard journey, but now we have a beautiful baby boy! We thank you Dr. Nemiro, Gina and everyone else at the AZ Center, from the bottom of our hearts.

Mara, Howard & Joseph
July 2013


Jay, I'm home, I'm tired, but I sit here knowing I did my best today and I believe I truly helped some folks along the way. None of it would have happened if I hadn't been working with someone I honestly feel makes me want to work at my fullest potential. I've done this dance long enough to talk my way through almost anything, and like a good surgeon, you never let on if your indecisive or unsure as that insecurity is contagious. Self assurance is important in the O.R.........not at the risk of being careless.......but someone has to lead........YOU MY FRIEND ARE A LEADER!!!!! I like working with you..........I feel we compliment one another, and there was a time or two today you put your trust in me and I did my best to make you feel comfortable in what we were doing. Thank-you for that trust. I will never let you down, and thank-you for exuding the confidence you did to remind others, "WE'RE FINE, YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB, I just need a couple more minutes".

Your a class act and you bring out the best in me, Jay.

May 2013

Dr. Nemiro, Gina and Everyone else in the office.,

We are so grateful and blessed to have these beautiful girls, all thanks to your work. We will be in to visit one day soon. Kenzie was born first at 11:01 pm on March 9th. Keira was born 2 minutes later. The girls and myself are doing great. We are adjusting to having babies in the house and not getting much sleep. Chris is beside himself with pure joy and happiness. Thank you again.

Love, Suzanne and Chris
April 2013

Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

Thank you so very much for going above and beyond for our family. Words can not express how grateful we are for your help and generosity. Thank you for blessing our family with your help and kindness.

Kari and Cameron,
March 2013

Dr. Nemiro,

Thank you so much for making dreams of having another baby come true! We will be forever grateful for the wonderful care we received at ACFS.

Jennifer and Greg,
March 2013

Gina and staff,

We just wanted to say thank you for this precious gift you helped us to receive. You helped me with my last two pregnancies and now helped my daughter bring my first beautiful grandson into this world. We are so blessed to have him and for your help in keeping this pregnancy. Everyone in your office Dr. Nemiro, Gina and all the office staff is incredible, and so kind. We will always be grateful to you for everything you have done to help our family. The pregnancy went well and on February 20th Bentley was born. He had to come by c-section because he was transverse but he was healthy and he and mom are doing great. We wanted to share this birth announcement with and to thank you again for everything. Whitney and Lukas are so grateful to you. You guys are the best.


Kelly and family
March, 2013

Dear Gina and Dr. Nemiro,

Here I am, trying to think of something to write that could somehow reflect my gratitude and express how special you both have become to us. I promised myself I would try not to be corny and that I would stay away from contextual cliché words like "journey" (ours has been more like an obstacle-course marathon anyway), so I thought of rather focusing on the humorous parts of some of the moments we shared. I cannot promise I accomplished what I set to do but I still gave it a try!

OK, the flashbacks are starting and I see in my head a story that at some points seems someone else's... I remember the very first email I sent to Dr. Nemiro... we were still living in San Francisco, back in 2010, and going into our six or seventh IUI. I almost have a heart attack when he responds to my message the next day! Wow, a "doctor" (read: "supernatural being") responding so fast! ("First good sign!" I thought). And then, after a few more electronic exchanges, and moving to our new home in Arizona, it's time to finally meet this doctor that seems so nice and approachable. We are still quite skeptical, but we go with our guts... We talk for a while about medical and non-medical stuff... (Steven: "So what do you think?" Marina: "He seems like quite a character..." Steven: "That's good, I guess. I don't necessarily like people that are too normal"). I think I see myself crying but it's hard to tell if that memory is really from that first talk as there were so many more tears that the memories get a little mixed up. After that first meeting, Steven and I go for a hike to clear our heads, and when we get back to the car there is a nice message in my phone from Dr. Nemiro. (I know you do that with every single new patient you meet for the first time, but it made us feel special anyway ["Second good sign!"]).

A couple of weeks after that, we meet with this "Gina" person. ("Who the heck is she?" we wonder). Of course there is some more crying on my part, I bitch and complain a little more about the medical system in this country, and we throw in some hot topics of controversial things we read online... but no matter how hard we push her, we cannot help but to instantly fall in love with her!!

And in those first meetings, some other details also do not go unnoticed. (Marina: "Steven, did you see that they have two caged birds in the office? Is that even legal? It must at least be politically incorrect or something! Do you think it's an Arizona thing?" Steven: It's a little weird I guess, I don't really care.") But the truth is that I personally love it! It makes me think that you are a little "eccentric" and who doesn't like a good weirdo?! (Third set of signs!!)

Then I clearly see Gina commenting with her always-present smile and sweet voice after she does a very first ultrasound: "You have a cute little cervix". I thought: "What?! Did she just say what I think she did?!" I didn't even know you could add adjectives like "cute" to refer to someone's cervix! I thought that was highly inappropriate for American standards so I liked it too! (Sometimes I hate how much people watch every single thing they say in this country! It drives me nuts at times). Although I had been told before in San Francisco when having a sonohysterosalpingogram that my tubes were "exquisitely beautiful", so I guess it didn't come as a total surprise. There I was... with a malfunctioning reproductive system, but apparently an esthetically-pleasing one!

And the list of strange wording continues... After the mix-up with my test results from the first transfer, I was a little pissed I have to admit. I was pissed with the situation obviously but it was much easier to channel that anger in all the wrong ways so I complained to Dr. Nemiro saying that Gina had said she was gonna call us and we ended up getting the news from someone we had never talked to before (Leticia)... (I felt like an idiot after complaining in case you are wondering...) To that, Dr. Nemiro answers acknowledging that most patients would rather talk to Gina all the time because she is so awesome but he patiently and reasonably explains that doing that is not always possible. Your exact words when referring to "WonderGina": "We created a monster!" And what a "monster" she is!!! I think I know now the meaning of that strange UFO in your logo: it's the intergalactic ship that dropped Gina on this planet... I mean, she cannot possibly be human, no way... (I wonder if her blood is green...)

Oh, yes and let's not forget the whole cleaning-the-gun-incident! (My apologies Dr. Nemiro for including this one in the "humorous" episodes of this story...) Steven always tells me that he cannot understand how I can be so smart for academic stuff for instance and so dumb for some every-day things, like reading a map or using a remote control! Well, in the case of the weapon-related incident, let's just say that I cannot understand how someone so clever and accomplished can be so... "easily-distracted" (??)... Allow me to tell you that I always enjoyed meeting with you Dr. Nemiro, because I knew our talks would not be just medical and stiff, but they would be spiced-up with some interesting side topics: Your detailed description of the whole gun accident was so vivid that I had gory nightmares for a whole week... Much appreciated. J

And then there was the time when we connected the dots (we are a little slow)... Steven is asking me for Gina's email to send her some info about campgrounds in the Flagstaff area that she asked him about (Summer 2011)... I search in my Inbox and forward all the addresses I have, one being: [email protected]. "What? Gina Nemiro? They are married???!!!" It was really funny because, to make me relax, Steven would always make the same jokes every single time we were waiting in one of the ultrasound rooms... One of those jokes was always around you two having an affair with each other! We are a little slow, I know.... That realization took us almost a year. Then things started to make more sense: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's why Gina also talks about Colorado!" I guess that up to that point we didn't even think Gina had a last name. I mean, she is such a rock-star that she can get by with a single name (like Cher or Madonna!)

And so, with so many "supernatural" signs in place, we felt confident that we were in the right place. Things were not easy, fast or smooth for us... But there is no need for details here; you were there with us every step of the way when we had to face every possible detour we could have encountered. Now thanks to you we are closer to a long-awaited dream... (and we are slightly terrified as well, I am not going to lie... but that will probably be the case until the babies... are born/are one year old/start kindergarten/go to college? I guess that most likely, for the rest of our lives! [And we are absolutely fine with that!])

You will always be very special for us, and I know it's not the same for you as you see tons of patients while we only saw you for almost 2 years, but I also hope you will somehow remember us. And hopefully for something good and not for my painfully long emails, our unbelievable bad luck, my constant crying, Steven's questionable fashion [remember that time he showed up with his really short shorts and a T-shirt with more holes than fabric?! When I asked him if that was what he was going to wear to go to the doctor, all he had to say was: "It's my day off, I want to stop fishing on our way back"... He is a special guy and, ironically, through all this, I have fallen more in love with him, if that is even possible. [Sorry, I said I was not going to be corny, but it's hard...]). Thanks to you a situation that was less than ideal was very bearable and even enjoyable at times. I will never be able to say thank you enough times, so the best I can do is:

  • Thank you for never making us feel rushed when we met with you.
  • Thank you for making us feel comfortable to ask silly questions.
  • Thank you for making us feel that you truly care about us.
  • Thank you for not making us feel like a number.
  • Thank you for allowing ourselves to show our emotions.
  • Thank you for making things less stressful on the financial side.
  • Thank you for showing a realistic but positive attitude during the hard times.
  • Thank you for being so empathetic.
  • Thank you for all those "etcetera" that I am for sure forgetting.

Thank you!!!
Sincerely thankful; you will always be in our hearts,

PS: I am signing this with both our names, but you can attribute all the "cheesiness" to me (Marina) exclusively... After all, I am Latina so I guess it is justified in my case (Steven would not approve of such a display of emotionality J.) I have tried to "de-americanize" him as much as I could, but that's one aspect I have not been successful with (yet). Maybe the babies will do the trick!!!

Marina and Steven,
January 2013

Dr. Nemiro,

A professional photographer who specializes in newborns, saw the FOX 10 feature and tracked me down to see if she could take pictures of the girls. I suppose identical triplets are a bit rare. :-)

Anyway, here are some shots she took a couple weeks ago. I thought you might enjoy them. As you can see, they don't look like preemies anymore. Simone is 9 lbs., 6 oz, Bella is 8 lbs, 9 oz. and Abby is 7 lbs., 8 oz.

I go back to work August 1st and thought I'd try to bring them by before that time. Is there a particular day or time that is better than another?

Take care,

P.S. I recently referred someone to you from my church. She is adorable and an absolute sweetheart. She's been coming over a couple times a week helping with the girls. She and her husband have been trying for ten years to get pregnant and they are finally at a point of "going the extra mile". Thanks for taking good care of them as I know you'll do.

Gayle and Bert

Dear Doctor.

Although it doesn't seem like enough to describe how appreciative we are, we wanted to write you a note to say thank you for giving us a chance to have a family. It has been a very long, trying journey for us; one that we could never have imagined, nor one that we would ever want anyone else to experience. It is important to us that you know we do not take what you have done for us lightly and we consider it a miracle that it can even be done at all. We only wish we could do the same for someone else. Since we can not, we will make sure to return your act of kindness by loving our child always and making sure they know how precious life is. You are truly an example of good in the world and we will always remember how much you cared to make our dream come true. You have made a difference in our lives and we hope that you always remember that one person really can matter. Thank you again for your generosity and compassion.

Your recipient,
December 2012


Your kindness will never be forgotten. I've recommended you to several people. Your the only one who stuck by me. I do know, there were times when both of us were frustrated- my case was unusual and complex. Times when I questioned myself but never you. It occurred to me that in so many ways your changing so many lives for the positive. There is, I'm sure, a generation of babies (who were wanted desperately) and so loved. They in turn will spread love- changing the planet. . . one little "seed" at a time. Keep working for the "greater good". Your attention to detail, patience and "love" is what worked for me.

Peace, Barb
November 2012

Dr Nemiro and staff.

I am writing as a testimonial to the surgery I received this past January 2012. I am an out of state patient who was only in the office one time. I arrived and had surgery all in the same day. I was alone as my support network could not come with me. The surgery went well and Dr. Nemiro was able to repair only one of my tubes as the other was extremely damaged in my original tubal ligation 11 years ago. Even though only one tube was free and clear, I became pregnant within 6 months. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy is going great. The surgery was definitely worth it. I found Dr. Nemiro and all the support staff to be gracious and friendly. I especially loved the nurses at the surgery center. I am writing in because I want others to know how successful this endeavor was for me. Thank You!

September 2012

Dear Jay and Gina.

We want to thank you again for all of your care and support during 2012. With your help and compassion we gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 3, 2012. We always intended on bringing the baby in but sadly our life was in an upheaval at the time of his birth. When I last saw you, my father had survived a successful stem-cell transplant to treat his lymphoma. Sadly, in February 2012 the doctors learned that the lymphoma had gone to his brain and later his central nervous system. He passed away in June, surrounded by his family, which included his namesake, his grandson. During the 7 weeks that they had together, the baby was the light of my father's life. We are incredibly grateful that they spent that time together. As you can see, his grandson is a very happy baby and has saved us doing this difficult time. Thank you again for all you did to bring this child into our lives. We are eternally grateful. Love.

May 2012

Dr. Nemiro and staff.

I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff. I want to thank you not only for the kindness you showed my husband and myself but also thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to see us. There should be more doctors in the world like you. People who actually care. When we found out that it was a possible corneal pregnancy, we were terrified. But because of our GYN and yourself, we were given a little bit of hope. I'm still being watched very closely and don't know whats going to happen for sure yet, but again, thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Ashley and Ryan
March 2012

Sent to Dr. Jay Nemiro by Laura and Matt,

"Its a comfort to know there are heroes just like you-
willing to do what they can to make the world a better place.
Heroes give instead of take.
They act instead of talk.
They step forward and do the hard and unseen jobs,
to give the best of themselves-
measuring their own success not by wealth or comfort,
but by the lives they touch along the way.
That's what heroes do-
and you are of those people.
Maybe you don't think of yourself that way-
but that's what you are.
And I just want to tell you how grateful I am to know you
and to know that there are heroes like you in the world."
J. F. Peterson

Dr. Jay and Gina,
You've made so many dreams come true for us. I'm forever thankful to you and what you've done for us. Over a year ago I remember sitting in your office looking at the photo albums as we waited to see you. I sat there and read some of the cards people had written to you. My day has come and I'm now writing my card to you! You both are forever in my heart and I will always think of you. Thank you for everything you've given us. Thank you for all your care and support.
Love, Laura.

Dr. Jay and Gina,
There are no words to me to say, to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done Laura and I. Having a child has always been a dream for us and I thank God everyday for leading us to the both of you! Your support, encouragement,love and friendship will forever be cherished in my heart. You will always be a part of our lives. I can not thank you enough!! May God bless you and your family.
All my love, Matt.

Laura and Matt
February 2012

Dr. Nemiro,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you. We really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. We feel very blessed and fortunate to have met you. After all the stress, frustration and tears I finally feel at peace after talking with you. We are looking forward to be working with you. You gave us a lot of hope! Thank you so much!

Ivy and Larry
January 2012

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me at your office in December. You have a beautiful facility and I really enjoyed our discussion. You got me all fired up! Thanks too for the copy of your book and your kind words. I appreciate all your support of RESOLVE over the years. I hope we can stay in touch. Happy New Year!

Barb Collura
Executive Director, RESOLVE
December 2011

Dr. Jay and Gina,

Scott and I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you have done to make your experience here the best we have ever had. We have been made to feel more like friends than just another patient. With everything we have been through we can not even begin to tell you how much that truly means to us. In a world where healthcare tends to be so frustrating, your clinic is everything that is right with it. Regardless of the outcome, this is where we belong! Thank you for your compassion, kindness, patience and sense of humor. You are both truly extraordinary people. Sincerely.

Scott and Amanda
November 2011

Dear Jay,

Recently, to finish my Master's Degree, I completed a Leadership course, which required me to reflect on examples of leadership in my life. The authors of the different books used in the class explain the importance of vision, of getting others to support your leadership vision, and of valuing the members of your team in order to have the vision become reality. Your leadership was a profoundly positive influence in my life. You had and continue to have clear goals not only for Arizona Center for Fertility Studies, but for your patients and staff. You respect every person with whom you have contact, at a professional and a personal level. You continue to search the future for possibilities and promises to fulfill. Few leaders in many fields of business and world ventures have the high value for life and potential that you live daily. Thanks for giving me insight into a world where humanity is truly a treasure and achieving it is the most esteemed goal. I just wanted you to know.

former Arizona Center for Fertility Studies employee
August 2010

Dear Jay,

I had a chance to think back on the years that we have known each other and to point out that, in comparison to a couple of your peers that our mutual patient has seen for her fertility issues, there is no arguing the best. I know you did your best and it certainly shows in her smile. She recently delivered an uncomplicated twin pregnancy. She wanted me to drop you a note just to let you know the outcome and I am only to pleased to do so. Hoping this letter finds you well,

Practicing OB/GYN in the Arizona
July 2010

Dr. Nemiro

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family. There has been a hole in my heart for many years. Even after the birth of my daughter, our family never felt complete. I came to you with much fear and apprehension, but because of your care, knowledge and incredible expertise, the void has been filled. No gift I could ever give you would be enough or a thousand "thank you's". The road is still very long for us, but no matter what happens, my life is forever changed for the better because of you.

All my love,
May 2010

Greetings from Tennessee,

I recall the first phone conversation I had with Gina. She spent over an hour explaining every detail of the transfer process to me. Every time I called the office, no matter who answered, they have always been polite and helpful. Scott and I were stunned at how much time Dr. Nemiro spent consulting with us. He is so friendly and approachable. After everyone adjusted schedules and plans for surgery, I witnessed Dr. Nemiro's passion and love for what he does. Your entire staff is compassionate and has a unique understanding for patients. Scott and I are thankful for each and every one of you. You've made this such a positive, memorable experience. We will plan a return visit in the future with the newest member of the family. Until then, thanks so much, and we'll keep you updated.

Jennifer and Scott
October 2009

Dear Dr. Nemiro & Staff,

Words cannot begin to express our sincerest gratitude for the precious gift that has blessed our lives. After 14 years of an emotional roller coaster ride, we had began to accept that we would not have children of our own. After 2 tries of IVF we have a beautiful baby boy. May your lives continue to be blessed as you have blessed ours.

Mike and Colleen
September 2009

Dear Dr. Nemiro & Everyone at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies,

He's here! Oliver arrived June 1st very healthy, strong and perfect. We owe it all to you. We can't begin to tell you how grateful we are to all of you. A thank you just doesn't seem to capture the depth of our thanks. We waited a long time for our son and had many heartbreaks. When we met you, we knew our prayers had been answered. We are so blessed to have had you come into our lives. Each and every one of you made us feel like we mattered and that you really cared about us. A very rare thing these days. We just can't thank you enough. We'll bring Oliver in to see you soon and before we know it, it will be time for a brother or sister.

Blessings, Scot, Meg and Oliver
June 2009

Dr. Nemiro,

Thanks for having me for a rotation. I had a great time with you and your staff and feel that I learned a lot. You are a really caring physician and it shows in your work and how your patients love you. I really hope that someday my patients feel the same way about me.

Susanne, medical student, Midwestern University
June 2009

Dr. Nemiro,

Last June we had a positive pregnancy test and came to you for help. Maria took our initial call and we explained our situation to her- that I was 42 years old with multiple miscarriages and failed fertility treatments. I was shocked when you called back personally and urged me to get to your office that same day. We stayed in your care from that day through the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. I can't tell you the joy that we and our families shared over the next few months. It was amazing to finally realize our dream of starting a family! Then in August we called you with devastating news. Early screening tests detected that our girl showed signs of Trisomy 18, a condition described as incompatible with life. On top of the difficult news we were also struggling with the care we were receiving from our new physician. You were quick to act in not only finding us a new doctor, but in helping make sense of the decisions we would have to make. Even though we were technically no longer your patients you were committed to us- sometimes calling weekends and evenings just to check in. Our families dubbed you the angel because of your genuine concern and commitment to us. We are thrilled to tell you that our baby Zoey was born January 15th. After 11 days in the NICU and a confirmation of her diagnosis, we took her home with one mission: cherish every moment we had with our little girl. We did just that. We enjoyed nearly twelve weeks of holding our baby girl and squeezing in as many life experiences as possible. We both thank God for this opportunity. Zoey passed away this Tuesday. We are so grateful and so blessed for the opportunity to be her parents. You and your staff helped us create that life. Even though we had only a short time to celebrate it, we wanted to thank you for your part in it all. Long after we'd chosen her name we learned that the origins of Zoey mean "life". We asked those who can't attend to honor her life in their own personal way that day. You've been a blessing to us and we hope you will have a moment to do that on Tuesday. Thanks again, with love and appreciation.

Dan and Chris
April 2009

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate all that you and your staff have done for us. We came to you a little over a year ago hoping to have a tubal reversal done so that we would have a chance to conceive a baby of our own. We have seven other children but none together and really wanted one of our own. I will never forget when you came out of surgery and told me that you were able to save one tube and that we would just have to "try harder" but that it could be done. Well it took only two months and we found out we were pregnant. Christy had a few problems at the beginning of her pregnancy but you can't begin to know how reassuring it was to come to our office every week to see the ultrasounds of our baby and to have the calming encouragement from you and Gina and everyone else on your staff. It really made us feel confident and secure that every thing was going to be alright. Your staff was so friendly and helpful, they are the greatest. You should be proud. Thank you so much for all you have done for us, we are so grateful. Thank you so much,

Danny, Christy, and Colton
April 2008

Jay, Gina and Team,

We were recently reminded during our surgical procedure of what a great service you provide. We want to thank you for your patience and tolerance of our mistake even at your own expense. We genuinely appreciate that you even acted as if you were not inconvenienced by spending additional time with us post surgery. You went the extra mile and bought us coffee while you waited. Thank you for paying attention to us even as we changed our minds on procedures again so that you could correct our drug protocol. Thank you for always acting as if we were your only patients and giving us as much time as we needed and fielding our questions as we loitered around the front desk. Thank you for answering all of our calls with every one if our Internet driven questions. Thank you for being available to us every time we started the process but were not quite ready. Thank you for giving us the "long time member" price break to help us with the decision to continue this time. We wanted to just say thank you for the past eight years. We have two beautiful children who rocked our world. The amazing responsibility of parenthood has been afforded to us by you and your team. Please accept our sincere gratitude for all that you have done for us and our family.

October 2007


We wanted to write and try to put into words the most amazing experience of our lives, which you and your staff have afforded us. As we started trying to put this into words, we found ourselves searching and searching to find words to describe our gratitude. Sure we can say thank you over and over, but it does not even come close to describe our feelings.

We came to you with a dream, and you made that dream come true. Through all the trials and tribulations we experienced you gave us hope. In our times of doubt and frustration, you gave us answers. And through your passion, education, and experience you gave us our son.

This has been the most amazing experience of our lives. Getting to feel Asher move around in me and knowing that it is Stacy's genes, and my body keeping him alive was truly AMAZING. This has brought us both so much closer and we thank God for you guys everyday for being such miracle workers.

We cannot stop looking at Asher, he is truly a blessing and a true miracle. And, because of you and your staff, he is in this world. Thank you does not seem to capture the magnitude of gratefulness, but, from the bottom of, our now three, hearts, we thank-you. You gave us our miracle and truly made us feel apart of your family not just patients.

We look forward to starting this journey all over again, and having three more miracles. Yes, I said three more.

With all our love,

Susan, Stacy and Asher
April 2010


by David, Stacey and Debbie (the gestational carrier)
A thank you note to Gina, Arizona Center for Fertility Studies IVF nurse coordinator

"The love of your job shows in everything that you do. We feel extremely blessed to have been brought to you. We came to this office with hope in our hearts and we leave with joy and sadness as we part. Joy because we leave with our children on the way. Sadness because to you it's goodbye we have to say. You will always be considered part of our family. Because of you a chance at parenthood we can finally see. Your encouragement and caring will always be treasured. Without a doubt we can say to know you has been OUR pleasure. You give so many people the joys that they may have never known. For that I truly hope our gratitude we have shown. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. And we will never forget this special time of which you were a part."


Well hello to our favorite,

Yes, we decided to do the cord blood. We had heard that the cells die off and it's really only good for a few years. So, we just didn't want to keep something stored if it was not going to be any good.

You're welcome for the invite, we sure hope to see you there. This has been the most amazing experience of my life. Feeling this little muffin move around in me and knowing that it is Stacy's genes and my body keeping him alive is AMAZING. This has brought us both so much closer and we thank God for you guys everyday for being such miracle workers :-)

It's so crazy to think we are only two months away from him being here. Then you guys will get to see us all over again, as Stacy plans to go a couple months after Asher is born. :-).

Tell everyone hello for us and we miss you very much. Tell Dr. Jay we said hello as well, and we just love you guys.

Talk soon :-)

Susan and Stacy

Greetings from Tennessee!
from Jennifer and Scott

I recall the first ever phone conversation I had with Gina. She spent over an hour explaining every detail of the transfer process to me. Every time I called the office, no matter who answered, they have always been polite and helpful. Scott and I were stunned at how much time Dr. Nemiro spent consulting with us. He is so friendly and approachable. After everyone adjusted schedules and plans for surgery, I witnessed Dr. Nemiro's passion and love for what he does. Your entire staff is compassionate and has a unique understanding for patients. Scott and I are thankful for each and every one of you. You've made this such a positive, memorable experience. We will plan a return visit in the future with the newest member of the family. Until then, thanks so much, and we'll keep you updated.


I've waited a long time to write you this thank you letter. I had to see for myself that this whole ordeal would work first. You were right, we stuck with it, and it did. As a woman who has always been afraid of male doctors and men with facial hair, I was surprised that we got along so well. I have respected you as a doctor and a person ever since our first consult in October 08. Having a health background has helped me in this process, but when I became a patient, all my knowledge went out the window and I learned to trust you. It didn't take long, I knew right away that you told us what we needed to hear in a way that got our attention and at the same time let us know that you cared and realized how difficult this was for us. Your combination of humor and knowledge is just what we needed to make it through this long road. During each IVF we were never worried knowing we were in your care. The second one meant the most to me. Eric had to leave the night of the egg retrieval and you came and talked with me while we figured out what to do to achieve the most embryos. My Mom was there, but I always thought you sensed that I needed someone there with me who understood every step of the process, also knowing Eric couldn't be there with me. It meant the world to me when you sat there in the bed next to me in post-op. You are the best doctor we have ever worked with Jay. Your compassion, knowledge, professionalism, humor and support have been an outstanding part of our journey with you. We are forever grateful that you are the doctor we chose for this incredible part of our lives. Thank you for everything.

Julie and Eric

Dr. Nemiro.

I wanted to take a moment of my time to tell you what a wonderful, though very emotional experience I have had while working with you. After all you and your team have done for Susie and me, a letter of thanks is the least I could do in return. I remember the first day I met with you. You were so understanding and compassionate. Little did I know from that day forward, all I would receive was compassion, warm and friendly faces and a level of expertise I never realized existed. We have both been so impressed with Arizona Center for Fertility Studies, through every step of our journey. You helped us through the hard times, the tests, and trying and waiting. And you have shared the joys of the good times. When Jody called to tell us we were pregnant, the joy in her voice was so moving. Whether I called to make an appointment, ask a question, came in to see Gina or Sharon, or even to pay a bill- I have been met by smiles, support and encouragement. No one could have ever told me how happy I would be at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies. We are so excited about out little life one on the way. We hope and pray that all goes well. I know in my heart that would not have gotten here without you all. Having a baby is something that I have wanted for so long, but by the time I came to Arizona Center for Fertility Studies, I was emotionally tired and discouraged. You met my needs (which I know is very hard to do!) and helped me keep my dream alive and even better, made it a reality. For all of this and so much more, we both want to thank you.

Karin and Susie

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

My deepest appreciation goes out to you and your staff for helping us achieve one of life's greatest gifts. On October 1st our son was born and he is living proof that there is life after breast cancer. We especially thank you for your understanding and support in our desire to become pregnant. As we sit here watching our sleeping child, we know the risk was worth the reward. You have made a huge difference in our lives and pray that you will continue to bring as much joy to many other families as you have brought to ours.

Mike and Audrea

Dear Friends at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies,

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful "TLC" you have given us over the last two years. You are all very special, and we will never forget your kindness and dedication. Those of us that experience infertility are so blessed to have such a fabulous facility to come to. It is so obvious that you truly care about each patient. Many thanks for all of the support you have given us. P.S. The cookies are little treat to remind you of how "sweet" you are!

Laura and Bill

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

We can't thank you enough for the quality of care and concern you and your staff provided to us. We had been trying for two years when we decided that we needed help. Going through fertility treatments was a very emotional time for us especially when our test results showed a high FSH. We tired to keep a positive attitude. Taking all factors into consideration we tried in vitro. We were very blessed with the result. You provided us encouragement and understanding while also being honest and realistic. You have a wonderful staff. We always felt that it was just as important to all of you as it was to us that we got pregnant. We will be forever grateful."

Susie and Mike

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

I would like to thank you for helping make a miracle happen. All I had ever dreamed of all my life was the time someone would call me "Mommy". God has worked a miracle through you, by enabling this 48 year old woman to have a baby. And not only one but twins! Our lives have now been blessed by two little angels. Although not yet able to say "Mommy", I catch myself just staring at their precious little faces in awe and wonderment. We are very thankful for your helping make their arrival a healthy and happy one. Not only are you the best, Dr. Nemiro; you have the best staff I have ever experienced. They were always kind, gentile and encouraging, especially when showing you how to give yourself a shot. That kind of atmosphere almost makes up for the sterility of infertility. I wish all of you the very best, and although the words never seem quite enough; thank you again.

Cathryn and George

Dear Jay,

There are not enough words to express our appreciation for all you have done for us. You have made our dream of having children come true! I don't know how we can ever thank you enough for this special gift. You will always be a very important part of our lives and our children will grow up to know you as family! We knew that from the beginning of this journey you would take wonderful care of us and we couldn't have asked for more. You made this process so much easier for us and we feel so blessed for this chance. We love this baby more than you could imagine. It is truly an amazing feeling. Thank you again for sharing your gift with us.

Priscilla and Steve

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

First let me begin by apologizing for not writing sooner. But after a C-section, 100's of diapers and sterilizing bottles; time seems to fly by fast, I seem to have lost track of time. I wanted to thank you for giving me hope after so many doctors had told me it was impossible for me to have a baby again. I had my baby girl exactly a year and two days after my reversal of tubal sterilization. I still cannot believe when I see her how wonderful it is to have her. I feel so lucky to have her. I really wanted to give my husband a child and with your help, here she is. My husband and I are so happy with her. My other 4 kids love her, they fight over how long they want ot hold her. I'm very grateful to have her. Thank you so much. I also wanted to thank your staff because they treat people as if they knew them before. They are kind and sweet. All of you treated me as if you knew what I as going through. Thank you so much.

Eva and Haider

Dr. Nemiro and staff (wonderful staff),

We wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us. You have assisted in adding, not only one but two new additions to our family. You all helped make things as easy as possible and let us know ways to minimize our expenses when and where we were able to do so. These things made us realize you really cared about us as people and not just another statistic. We are so happy to have our children in our home. Thank you so very much, you were so friendly and kind, I will and have recommended you to others. Sincerely.

Dawn and David

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

Words could never fully express our gratitude in your help in allowing us to have the gift of children. When everyone else gave up on us, you didn't. You and your staff were so supportive. Because of you, we are now graced with children. Thank you so much for all you have done for us over the years. Not only are you a great physician, but a compassionate human being that cares about all children of the world. Again thank you, we wouldn't have our babies without you.

Fred and Nancy

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

I'm already 4 months pregnant for which me and my husband will be thankful to you till the rest of our lives. You brought the hope and joy back into our hearts. You kept us a family. Thank you. We would like to thank all the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies family who were the most loving and caring people we ever met. They made the days after I've got pregnant less painful and less traumatizing with their huge humanity and understanding. Thank you.

Nadya and Iliyan

Letter written to a patient's previous doctor out of state.

Dear Dr.

If you recall you were my Dr. for approximately 15 years and delivered both my girls and performed a tubal ligation in 1995 and you were really the best Dr. I called you back in September 2005 trying to get a copy of my medical records because I was considering a tubal reversal and after speaking with you I felt very discouraged when you told me the following: "impossible, I burned your tubes, don't waste your money, you won't even find a Dr. that does that anymore"!! Your opinion was that I was better off having an IVF procedure than wasting my money getting a reversal. I divorced a few years ago and then met this wonderful guy that I am with that has no kids. I investigated the different options that I would have and the tubal reversal seemed like the right thing to do; although I was very discouraged after our conversation. I gave it some thought, I pursued it and got it done in January 2006. I am glad and thankful to God and Dr. Jay Nemiro of Scottsdale, AZ for making my dream of getting pregnant again a reality and wanted to share and inform you that we are almost 6 weeks pregnant after a successful tubal reversal 4 months ago. With all respect- you need to be a little bit more sensitive with your patients as your opinion is irrelevant. The fact is, that tubal reversal is an option and possible. I have heard that its different in every case but let the Dr. performing the reversal determine and give the opinion on whether it is possible or not and please don't discourage your patients. If there is enough tubes to put together, the reversal is an option. Happy mother to be.


What a great pleasure it was to meet you! Thank you for your individual attention patience, thoughtfulness and concern. You made us feel so comfortable, calm and important. We are so grateful for your time spent with us. You went above and beyond any experience we have had in any medical setting. We are confident we chose the Best Doctor in our hopes of building/starting a family.

Marc and Audra

Dr. Nemiro,

Everyday I look into my little son's big blue eyes and I thank God for the gift He's given us. But of course, that gift wouldn't have come without your help and care. I remember the first day we met spent over an hour talking to us about our issues and solutions, but also about life and snow skiing! We were looking for a doctor that obviously knew what they were doing, but we really needed someone who could sympathize and empathize with us. We truly felt that after trying other doctors and failing, finding you and your office was a sign of good hope. We completely trusted in your judgment and have our son to show for it. Thank you x 100 million.

Troy and Tandy

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

We've been meaning to write/send pictures for awhile, but have been quite busy since the birth of our twins. We sincerely want to thank you for all the love and support you gave us throughout this whole process. Dr. Nemiro- when we first met you it was under one of the most difficult times of our life as I was having an ectopic pregnancy which ultimately required removal of my left tube after having already suffered one miscarriage. All this had occurred after 2 prior failed IVF attempts with another doctor. Even though you had never met us, you agreed to perform an emergency surgery at 8 pm without any hesitation. We were terrified and heartbroken during our 1st visit with you due to our unfortunate circumstances but you put our minds at ease and assured us you would do all you could to help. Unfortunately, my tube was to damaged to save and then you had the unfortunate task of having to tell me that my remaining tube was unlikely to ever result in a viable pregnancy. Following the surgery, we were totally devastated and without hope. I felt I didn't want to go on if I couldn't bear children, but you convinced us to give IVF another try with a more aggressive drug protocol than had been previously utilized. We'll never forget the night you transferred our embryos. You told us they all "looked" good but that 2 looked particularly good. We knew from that moment that we were finally going to achieve our dream of having children. The rest is history, we now have two beautiful, healthy babies and we just wanted to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff. Everyone in your office was always so supportive and compassionate. Even after achieving pregnancy I had weekly, sometimes daily "scares" due to bleeding, during my first trimester. Everyone always took the time to reassure me and give me as many ultrasounds as I felt I needed to put my mind at ease and every time I thought my pregnancy had ended, I was assured my babies were still very much alive and thriving. Thanks again for everything and for helping us along on our journey. Love.

Stephanie and Jay

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

Trying to conceive, after all, time heals and eventually happiness replaces any sadness left. And then I look at our beautiful babies, tears well up in my eyes and my stomach feels suddenly empty. It is hidden behind deep feelings of thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation. As I said before you are the magic in our miracles. We can't think of our babies without thinking of you and I'm not sure the words "Thank you" do our feelings justice, but will say it anyway. Thank you! You have enriched our lives more than you will ever know!!

Lauren and Mike

To all of our friends at the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies. During the past months my husband and I have made many many visits to your office in the attempt to conceive a child. As we sat in your office we poured over the books of thank you notes and letters and prayed silently to ourselves that we too would be able to be added someday. I myself truly believed that the day would never come, but here it is! My husband and I expect a child in June, and couldn't be happier. We do not yet know how many yet but just knowing that we are going to have at least one baby next year is enough to thrill us forever. We would love to give encouragement to all those couples going through the fertility treatments or if they are even thinking about it. All the shots, hormones, and surgeries are worth it! Just have the patience, love and understanding. It will all be worth it in the end. Thank you once again. I cannot wait to be able to come into your office and show off my new baby. Your friends for life.

Carol and Scott

Dr. Jay S. Nemiro,

I would like to convey my heartiest thanks to you for caring and encouraging attitude that you displayed towards us. Although things did not work out as we hoped but still your effects were a source of comfort and hope for us. My husband and myself we can never forget your last words on the telephone which came to us as a beacon of hope in our state of utter disappointment. If, by the grace of God, we get our visa the next year, we would certainly come back to you. I wish to thank all of your staff for their love and support throughout the treatment. They understood my feelings well and helped me a lot emotionally to overcome my mental turmoil. I would like to tell you that you and your staff have won our hearts with your dedication towards your work and your sympathetic attitude in that course. I have come back to my normal mental state just because of the way you handled us. I can never forget our stay in Arizona and I certainly hope to see you all soon. Thanking you.


Dear Jay and Everyone Else,

We have put off writing this because we just did not know the words to tell you all how much we appreciate all you have done for us. We feel incredibly blessed to be the parents of a healthy 7th month old. Our dreams have come true and we know we wouldn't be here without you. Our road to parenthood was not easy. During our almost 2 years of trying to conceive and our 3 miscarriages, there were certainly times when we doubted we would be successful. We can't tell you how grateful we were that you all realized that the challenges we were facing were not just medical but emotional as well (something that other professionals we had dealt with somehow didn't acknowledge). All the support you all gave us helped so much. You are truly a special group of people and we feel fortunate that we got to share our journey to parenthood with you. Fondly,

Ricki and Mike

Dear Jay and Friends,

Our baby girl had been everything we hoped for since we started trying for children. Your sophisticated and aggressive approach to our fertility problem was clearly superior to what we encountered with other physicians in the same specialty. Certainly the results speak for themselves. We very much appreciated the interest you took in us and felt that, for once, we were patients and not just business opportunities. If nature still won't be enough to help us with a second child, we will look forward to another try with you and your staff. Thank you for making our dreams come true after our years of disappointment and disillusionment. Fondly,

Joanie and Scott

Letter from Dr. Jay Nemiro to his parents at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies 5th celebration picnic

As I sit here at my computer, my mind wonders over the countless memories and joys that I have experienced since Arizona Center for Fertility Studies was founded in 1982. The Center was created out of my heart-sung commitment to the emotional, mental and physical well-being of infertile couples. My commitment was to end infertility on the planet by the year 2000. Although that commitment has not altered, the focus has. In the beginning I was driven to be the best and although that produced many babies, it eventually left me a bit empty and after awhile unfulfilled. I began to ask myself, "How long do I want to do this"? Over the last 18-24 months something has shifted for me. I can best describe it out of a question a patient asked me several weeks ago. She was thinking about having surgery to repair her tubes and she asked me if I was good. Without thinking about the answer, I said, "Yes I am, but I have to be, you deserve it". As I said the words, it hit me like a ton of bricks. How could it be any other way. On the dawn of our 5th Annual Celebration Picnic nothing could be more true. Each and every one of you has given me the profound gift of your trust and intimacy. You have shared with not only me but sometimes the entire staff those fears, guilts, frustrations, and lack of control that you would not dare express to anyone else. You were willing not to look good or strong or in control to have what you cherished more than anything else in the world, a baby. My success over the years has nothing to do with me, but with you. It is all of you that has made Arizona Center for Fertility Studies a wild success. For that I am deeply grateful. Having and loving four children of my own, I know what a profound gift children are. Being a parent is truly a privilege and one of the greatest joys and fulfilling experiences of my life. Raising children is rich and wonderful and in many ways, it is our children that give us life. It is for these children, and the true miracle that they are, that a patient five years ago decided to have an Arizona Center for Fertility Studies annual celebration to honor those born and unborn children. We are now preparing to celebrate our 5th Annual Arizona Center for Fertility Studies Celebration Picnic. Last year we had close to a 1000 people participate, including grandparents and friends. This year our goal is 1500. Although the staff has changed over the last nine years, all of us at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies would love to see all of you. Although some of the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies staff will not know you personally, all of us profoundly know what you represent, the gift that you give us and to your children, and to the struggle of infertility and the courage it takes to deal with it. This year's picnic promises to be the best yet. All of us at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies look forward to seeing all those miracles of love and science."


Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

She is beautiful. Such a blessing and miracle in our lives. Thank you very much for your encouragement and emotional support. We are glad we made the decision to change physicians and continue treatment. You really showed me that you cared about me and my success, despite, the obstacles, and not your numbers. We admire you for that. Our son is the best.

Allen and Gracie

Dear Jay,

Approximately one year ago I had ART and now I am sitting here while our beautiful little boy takes a nap. I have put off writing you during the past 3 months because I always got too emotional when I started a note to you. At first I thought it was postpartum hormones. Now I realize that words are difficult to find when thanking someone for a miracle. You were the first physician we met who really seemed to understand our frustration. After too many years of too much disappointment, I had prepared myself (or at least tried) for the possibility of never having a baby. It was scary at first to trust your optimistic attitude. Our first appointment was Jan 28th and exactly one month later I underwent the procedure and became pregnant! As if performing miracles weren't enough, you also tolerated and comforted me during those anxious early weeks of "cautious elation". You have a rare gift of being both a man of science and a caring person who always respects his patients. Your staff is also absolutely great. I was always amazed at how personalized my care and treatment were. Jay, at first I hated your baby bulletin board- it was too vivid a reminder of what I wanted and could not have. I then viewed the pictures as a sign of hope, realizing that all of those babies had mothers who had been in my position. What a delight to now proudly make an addition to the collection of "most wanted babies".

Melissa and Ken

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

How does one find the right words to thank you? Not only have you given Mark and I a new and special meaning in our lives; you also gave us courage along the way, showed us warmth, compassion, and encouragement, and you gave us strength to hand onto our dream. There's a camaraderie; a closeness, even in your waiting room. It was the one place I could go, where I truly realized I was not alone. It's hard to believe I'm pregnant now- and with twins at that. What you have done for us and continue to do for many others, has got to be the most wonderful, beautiful thing that one person can do for another. There's just not enough sky to hold all the rainbows we wish for you, today and always. Forever grateful.

Mark and Cyndi

Dear Dr. Nemiro and Staff,

I know you have many, many patients, and it's impossible to remember them all, especially a year later. But I thought you might remember me because I'm in a wheelchair, and I used to always see you downstairs. Anyway, my husband and I wanted to let you know that in January we had a healthy baby girl. She's made us so happy, and we have you all to thank for that. I had a good pregnancy and worked up to the day before I delivered. Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do. Sincerely.


Dear Jay,

It is hard to believe that 15 months have passed since our son was born. Great times truly do pass much too quickly! When Debbie finally became pregnant on her third attempt at ART, 8 IUI's and many other less radical attempts to achieve pregnancy too numerous to mention (and thankfully remember), the question that you once asked us "Why do you two continue to proceed and to place trust in me after all of the non-successful attempts at achieving pregnancy"? crossed our minds many times. The first and most obvious response that we really wanted a baby, of course. But the mental, emotional, physical, and financial stress of the process made us realize that there was more to our commitment than just our dream to have a child. We believed, and still believe, that you and your staff were truly interested in us, our well being, and most importantly our dream as you could possibly be, and that your commitment to helping us achieve a successful pregnancy was not to be compromised. We will never forget your support and encouragement along the way when things were extremely challenging. We will also never forget your excitement when our son was conceived. Jay, it is hard to answer why we continued along with the process other than to say that we had and have the highest level of trust, confidence and respect for you. We really believed what you told us "it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when if you'll stay with it". Needless to say you didn't disappoint us. As difficult as the process was, and it was tough, it was well worth every bit of it. We continue to tell friends and acquaintances who face the same challenge that we did to stick with their commitment, and with you. We still believe. We hope that all is well with you and your family. Best personal regards.

Debbie and Curt

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

This letter is certainly overdue, but now that we are settling in a little better with our new baby boy, we have a moment to truly thank you and your fine staff. We could not be more proud, more happy or more full of love for this little boy. As you know, we waited six long years for this miracle. We trudged through every major fertility specialist in the Phoenix and Miami, Florida area before we came to your office. At times, it appeared that we had come to the end of the line with no more hope in sight. A "fertility specialist" in Miami even suggested that we may want to begin thinking about adoption possibilities. Well the almost hopeless came to you and your staff, and you not only gave us hope but the miracle as well. We cannot thank you enough. Every one that we meet and will meet that have the same desires and hopes as us will be referred to you. I know that you have had a lot of these letters sent to you, but we also knew how much we needed to write it. We also know just how much you are involved in helping less fortunate children and we have enclosed a check to be sent to whatever children's organization could benefit from this the most in your opinion.

Monica and Steve

Dear Dr. Nemiro,

We sincerely appreciate your help in making it possible for us to conceive a child after 9 1/2 unsuccessful years. The life of a couple that is childless is full of frustration, impatience, uncertainty, misunderstanding, and anger. From the beginning of our marriage we have been seeing various fertility doctors with each new phase of experimenting being a new hope to hang onto. But we were let down again and again. With each visit to your office we were again optimistic yet somewhat skeptical because of the years of negative experience. This proved to be a time of great joy as I nearly passed out at work the day that Corrine called me after the pregnancy blood test. It was immediate excitement and ever growing as we could see the heartbeat a few weeks later on the ultrasound. When the haste of everyday life dilutes simple communications, we want to thank you, for your expertise, your technology, and sincere concern for the success of the procedure. We thank God that he has allowed your profession to correct another body function gone awry. Best wishes in your practice and helping others obtain the most basic joy of mankind in having children.

David and Corrine

Dr. Nemiro,

When Paul and I look at the ultrasound pictures of our baby and realize that it's really true that I'm pregnant at last, our gratefulness to you is overwhelming. We both know that you have given us the greatest gift of our lives. You gracefully keep saying that "we did it". But we all know that "we" tried for eight years and were not able to, on our own or with the help of five doctors before you. What a gift you have been given in your life to be able to give couples like Paul and I the greatest miracle of all and to do it with such warmth and understanding and friendship. As you know, Paul and I had decided that this would be our last attempt at IVF or at any other method of trying to achieve pregnancy. We had truly given up hope. But we had both decided before this last attempt that win or lose, even with all of the cumulative frustrations and disappointments, that our experience with you had been the most positive one either of us had ever had with anyone in the medical profession. We felt that you had been our support and encouragement as well as a medical advisor, our friend as well as our doctor. We both believed in and trusted you from the beginning. And thankfully, everyone's perseverance, but especially your expertise and commitment, prevailed. Again, we can't say enough that for all of the joy that ever comes from having a child, we will always feel the greatest indebtedness and gratefulness to you. Without you, I could never have been a mother.

Susan and Paul 1986

There was a young couple who had everything it would seem Except the fulfillment of their longing and constant dream Oh for a new life- which they knew would bring happiness and joy If they only could have a little one, a baby girl or boy They tried all methods, taken temps and made charts with care Visited doctors; had operations but still produced no heir After four years things were gloomy and both were depressed It even seemed their beautiful relationship and happy marriage regressed Till while watching a news show on a national network They saw a doctor discuss a new process that just might work They made an appointment and after months met Dr. Nemiro Who would become their doctor, friend and to them a real hero He showed such an interest and gave them such hope Even if some of his directions made it hard to cope Such as having a shot at a certain time in the rear Even if it was given in a park they happened to be near As Janet sat wiggling side to side in a waiting room chair Hoping Jode or someone would soon notice she was there Since to her it was urgent and really did matter That she came in with an overfilled bladder The day after Thanksgiving was the day that was chosen To implant the egg, with sperm- and it wasn't frozen They could hardly believe the egg took and it was clear That finally these two would have a baby the very next year What a celebration- the champagne cork sounded like a pistol And who cared there was no real Stuben crystal Janet, David and their medical team saw bubbles so clear Who's ever thought specimen bottles would become so clear As time went on Janet went to see an OB/GYN And they knew it would be a girl whose name was Lynn The months went by- mom got fatter and the baby was born On August 30th very early on a Saturday morn A beautiful baby- never had there been one special as this boy He immediately filled their hearts with love and joy He is so special and really a dream come true And of course Jay, Jode, Jane and BobThe joy is because of you.

Written by a patient's mom about her first grandson

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