The Down Side Of Getting Fertility Medication Online

Published: 12/14/2015

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies fully supports a patient's right to choose where their fertility drug prescriptions are filled. We do not, however, support the purchasing of medication without a prescription from a licensed physician and from a certified licensed pharmacy.

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies also does not support any treatment that is undertaken without a physician's evaluation and supervision. Fertility medications are extremely safe and very effective when used in a controlled environment. On the other hand, these drugs can be very dangerous and potentially life threatening when they are not administered and carefully monitored by an experienced fertility health care professional, trained in reproductive medicine. Remember MJ!

The Risks of Buying Fertility Medications Online

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies does not condone or support purchasing fertility medication, oral or injectable, over the Internet. Although completely sympathetic to the reasons why someone would purchase these medications "from an online stranger", the potential risks would include:

  • Potential for contamination of the drugs (remember the Tylenol incident)
  • Dangers and risks associated with self-treatment
  • It is illegal to sell or distribute medications without a license
  • Potential for fraudulent activity by charging more than the seller paid for the medication.
  • Unknown whether the drugs have expired and replaced with current packaging.

If you are unwilling to give your name, phone number or credit card information over the Internet, why would you purchase medications that you will be injecting into your body from a total stranger?

Insurance Coverage - The Real Problem

The real problem is not the Internet, it is the insurance companies. If there were appropriate coverage for fertility medications and treatments, some couples would not have to look for potentially unsafe ways to reduce their costs. Although this is not the forum to discuss insurance companies and infertility benefits, patients and physicians need to join forces to mandate legislation for all insurance companies to provide benefits. The medical circumstances causing a woman to have difficulty conceiving is as much of a medical problem as breaking a hip, pneumonia or heart disease. Numerous states have already mandated such coverage.

Safe Alternatives To Buying Fertility Medications Online

There are safe alternatives to the potential risks of purchasing fertility medication over the Internet from a stranger. Shop around at different pharmacies because prices can significantly vary. Arizona Center for Fertility Studies works with The Compounding Pharmacy, and as far as we can tell, they have the "best" prices in the Valley

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