Saying You Care Is One Thing, CARING Is Another

Published: 12/14/2015

It is easy to say that you care, however, if the truth be told, it is a lot harder to back that statement up. There is a number of ways to tell if a clinic "cares".

  • Do they answer the phone by the 3rd ring and are courteous, polite, warm and engaging or do they put you on hold abruptly and without asking you if it is okay? If you are on hold, do they get back to you in a timely matter?
  • If you call the office during business hours, are you transferred to someone right away or get a call back within several hours or at least by the end of the day? After hours, when you call, is there a simple menu system and does the physician either answer the phone or call you back within minutes?
  • Does the entire office staff genuinely seem interested in you and take a real effort to get to know you?
  • Does every member of the team do what they say they will do?
  • Will they meet you after hours or on the weekends to give you an injection, do an ultrasound because your period started and you have to rule out a cyst before starting medication, or do an ultrasound to check to make sure your baby is doing okay because you are just a bit anxious or had a little spotting, all at no charge?
  • Will they spend as much time as you need to answer questions on the phone or in the office, all at no charge?
  • Will they cry and laugh with you?
  • Do they treat each patient as they would their best friend?
  • Are all members of the team warm, caring and welcoming; and you can call or talk to any of them anytime about anything?

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies does all these things and much more; and meets weekly with the entire staff for one and half hours, discussing and reinforcing our commitment to our patients and how we can further improve their care.