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Adoptive Services

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies completely supports a woman's choice of pursuing adoption rather than continuing the "fertility process".

For some couples, adoption is "the right choice "to either start or complete their family. Mothering, loving and caring for a child is a "natural instinct". There are many children born in this country and third world countries that are "unwanted or abandoned" and desire a loving, safe and supportive home where they can thrive and be nurtured, and grow up with a feeling of self-worth and confidence.

As one of our patients so eloquently stated:

"After years of battling infertility, the ache for a child became so overwhelming. We knew that we were reaching our limits - physically, emotionally and financially. Donor eggs or adoption were our final options. After much prayer, our hearts were led to adoption. It was heart-wrenching to learn of the number of children looking for a forever family. After being so hopeless through years of infertility, we finally became hopeful that there was a child out there that we were meant to have and love. Once we made the decision, we never looked back. We feel extremely blessed to have our precious daughter. We can't imagine life without her...she completes our family."

Although, we are not experts in this field, Arizona Center for Fertilty Studies can help, advise and direct you to resources that can start this different but equally as rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Please give the office a call at (480) 630-0212 for any questions or a list of our adoption resources.

Adoption Services in Arizona

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