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Arizona Center for Fertility Studies - Stimulus Plan

Since its inception in 1982, one of the underlying philosophies at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies has been to provide outstanding service, a commitment to excellence and fair pricing.

Your pricing is based on what we feel is a "fair and honest" value for our services.

We do not look at what other programs are charging and try to "beat their prices". Although, many times our pricing is lower than other clinics, it is because we are acutely aware of the possible emotional and psychological factors that can result from difficulty in having a baby. Financial worries can only add to these already existing stresses. Although a baby is "worth any price", it is important that you have the resources to continue to try until you are successful, hopefully, concentrating a little less on the financial aspect of treatment and more focused "on being successful". If stress does play a role in treatment success, then this can be one place that ACFS can help.

Our economy, now and in the future, has everyone looking at when, where and how best to spend their money. Although, in most cases, difficulty with having a baby is a medical problem, many insurance companies offer little to no reimbursement. This is clearly by a conscious choice on their part and leaves the patient having to pay for much needed services. Again, we can help!

A medical clinic is still a business and like any other business has itʼs expenses and obligations. However, for anyone who knows us and has been a patient, money has always been a distant second to what is "really" important.

  • The initial consultation is $300. This includes an hour plus face to face conversation reviewing your medical history and records and formulating a list of treatment options. This $300 can be applied to the cost of any medical or laboratory procedure.
  • You will never be charged for follow-up or updated consultations with the doctor or nursing staff as long as you are an active patient. Inactivity would be if you are not seen during a three year period.
  • If, for any reason, a random ultrasound is needed for whatever reason, there will be no charge to you.
  • Cyst aspirations will be done at no charge to the patient.
  • As a patient at ACFS, once you get pregnant, all OB ultrasounds will be done at no charge for as many times as you like until 14 weeks pregnant.
  • Price matching with any other program in the Arizona for medical or surgery services.
  • If you are unsuccessful with 2 fresh cycles of IVF (including the use of any frozen embryos), we will do a 3rd standard cycle of IVF at no charge
  • Guarantee on a reversal of tubal sterilization
  • Referral of a friend is the greatest acknowledgement of your trust and confidence in us. If you refer a friend, you will receive a $500 credit towards your treatment as ACFS way of showing our appreciation.
  • There is never a charge for a nurse or ART (IVF) consult or class.
  • There will never be any charge to draw a patient's blood.
  • There is no charge for urine pregnancy tests.
  • There will never be a charge if we have to see you on the weekend.
  • If you ever need an injection, it will be done it at no charge.
  • Working relationship with a pharmacy that offers the lowest prices for fertility medication in the valley.
  • If you need surgery, there will never be an out of pocket charge to the patient for a First Assistant which is required for many surgical procedures and is often done by a physician or a RNFA who you are billed for.
  • We will work with you and your insurance company to get the maximum reimbursement possible and, if needed, work out an arrangement that is fair to both of us.
  • If there isnʼt any insurance coverage, then we will work out a price with you that is fair to both of us; as well as "go to bat for you" to get the best "cash price" at the surgical facility if surgery is needed.
  • We are willing to accept and work out any reasonable payment plan.

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