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Social Freezing (Oocyte Cryopreservation)

Egg Freezing

The use of egg vitrification technology or rapid freezing, to cryopreserve or freeze eggs offers a new option for cancer patients looking to preserve their fertility, prior to treatment; and articles in the lay press have proclaimed that egg freezing, using vitrification is "a woman's emancipation" from age-related infertility.

Initially, ACFS was cautious about the efficiency of this new technology. But now, after almost seven years of experience, freezing and thawing thousands of eggs with excellent success, ACFS can proudly say, “our success rates with frozen eggs are similar to as if they were fresh”.

In other words, ACFS has the same fertilization and embryo development rates with frozen eggs as it does with fresh eggs.

The most important thing to remember when freezing eggs is that the patient is counting on you to be “excellent” at what you do because they are postponing childbearing and absolutely depending on the success of these eggs for their future use - a responsibility that ACFS fully understands and takes extremely seriously.

This experience and expertise has allowed ACFS a number of significant advancements in reproductive medicine.


b. SOCIAL FREEZING - allowing young women to cryopreserve or undergo egg vitrification as a way of postponing childbearing and “stopping the reproductive clock” at a younger age. Once eggs undergo rapid freezing or vitrification, they will always remain “that” age. In other words, if a young women freezes her eggs at 29, then no matter when she decides to use them; she, reproductively, will always be 29 years old and have the success of a 29 year old not the success of her chronologic age. ACFS strongly supports and encourages any young women who is thinking of putting off childbearing, for whatever reason, to strongly consider this option either as insurance against difficulties getting pregnant when they are older and ready; and/or against the increased risks of chromosome abnormalities and miscarriages that occur as a woman naturally gets reproductively older. Imagine using your 29-year eggs at 40 and having the success and outcomes of a 29 year old. Pretty cool and for many women, extremely practical. This could not have become more mainstream when Google and Facebook announced last year that they were offering all their female employees two free cycles of egg freezing. Although, controversial in the press, and for some, thought to exploit young women to keep them in the workplace longer. In ACFS opinion, this was very forward thinking. In ACFS experience, many women at a young age don’t think much about having problems getting pregnant when they are ready; and although many will not, there still will be a considerable number that will have problems for a myriad of reasons. What better way to prevent all those possibilities then being proactive when they were young?

The short video below could not better exemplify this current trend and forward proactive thinking:

Initially, cautious, ACFS now strongly supports and urges all young women that are thinking about postponing childbearing to seriously think about this option.

c. HIGHER SUCCESS RATES - Because of ACFS vast experience and expertise with egg freezing, we have been able to give reproductively older women a much higher chance of success by doing two egg stimulations and retrievals rather than one; thus, doubling the amount of eggs and embryos that are available for PGS testing as well as saving them a considerable amount of expenses by going through two complete IVF cycles if the first is not successful; let along do multiple fresh and frozen transfers with the possibility of chromosomally abnormal embryos.

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