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Problems with the Essure Device?

Several years after the release of the Essure device, ACFS starting getting calls (because of our experience in being able to reverse Essure tubal ligations) from women that were experiencing symptoms that initially did not make sense to them but seemed to start, sometimes immediately, after they had an Essure device placed. Some of these common symptoms are listed below.

These symptoms and side effects of the Essure device include, but are not limited to:

  1. Extreme pain and discomfort in the abdomen and pelvis
  2. Extreme and unexplainable fatigue
  3. Depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts
  4. Weight gain and weight fluctuations
  5. Heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding
  6. Headaches
  7. Movement of the device and/or device component

Device incompatibility, including an allergy to nickel (which makes up 55% of the device and ACFS feels is a major reason for many of the above symptoms)

  1. Malposition of the device after insertion
  2. Breakage of the device internally

Too often, many of these women had already seen multiple doctors including their gynecologists, rheumatologists and neurologists, to no avail as to “what was going on”. Many were told, especially by their gynecologists, “that nothing was wrong”; and/or “they needed a hysterectomy. For many, if not most, knew that all their “problems” were most likely related to the Essure device; since their “symptoms” started after the device was placed. Nobody was listening or hearing them.

As ACFS saw more and more of these women, I become increasing clear that “their” symptoms were most likely caused by the Essure device; and for many, ACFS believed their symptoms were being triggered by an autoimmune reaction to the nickel component in the Essure device. Not surprising, many women learn early on that they can not wear “cheap” jewelry, which is mainly make of nickel, because of the “allergic” reactions they have to those products. In ACFS early experience with removing these Essure devices, the results were shocking in how fast so many, and most of the times- all, the above symptoms were alleviated in a matter of days or weeks. Since the introduction of the device, over 10 years ago, ACFS has removed so many of these Essure devices and have helped so women return to a “normal” pain and symptom-free life. Few procedures we do at ACFS are so rewarding and have such immediate results. Please feel free to email us or call for a free second opinion if you had an Essure device placed and have any or all of the above-mentioned symptoms.

The Essure device removal takes about 15-20 minutes but has to be done as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Recovery time is about an hour and you can go home with no restrictions and “hopefully” start feeling better within hours to days. Unfortunately, this problem with the Essure device has reached national proportions and there is currently a class action lawsuit against the company.

Please sign and comment at http://www.regulations.gov
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  2. That you support and endorse the petition FDA-2015-P-0569 in whole.

Activist Erin Brockovich has even gotten involved creating an online petition drive to change the law.

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