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Free Second Opinion

Before committing to any treatment options at another clinic, consider getting a free second opinion at ACFS. We are committed to the success of any patient having trouble conceiving. ACFS is not saying that the IVF clinic you are at is not good; sometimes a change of venue and a different approach is all that is needed in having a successful outcome. ACFS will offer, at no charge, a 10-15 minute phone or Skype consult to review your medical history, work-up and current treatment options (if any) and make suggestions and/or recommendations that could increase the likelihood of having a successful outcome. This may include additional testing and work-up that ACFS has found to be beneficial. There are many times when ACFS has heard "but I did all the testing". More often than not, there are still additional tests to be done that if "overlooked" could make the difference between getting pregnant and not getting pregnant. ACFS strongly believes in being proactive in testing as opposed to reactive- by not doing the "complete" work-up or at least knowing what the choices are; you could be doing repeated procedures without success or having had one or two miscarriages that could have been avoided. Also, you should have a clear understanding of what your treatment options are from conservative to aggressive. They will be presented in a unbiased and non-judgemental way. ACFS has found, all to often, patients are not always aware of all their treatment options and the pros and cons of those options. ACFS strongly feels that you should be aware of all your treatment options before deciding on the "best" treatment. ACFS just received the most current national IVF statistics and is ranked #1 in Arizona and #9 in the US for IVF success rates with frozen embryo transfers.

In addition, clinics advertising "money back guarantee" programs, in ACFS opinion, generally are done to benefit the profit margin of the clinic and not the patient. Only the "optimal" patients get to enroll in these programs and any patient can be cancelled at any time for any number of reasons; including age, elevated FSH levels or low AMH levels, deemed poor ovarian reserve, failure to have a "good" follicular response with medications or to low egg numbers or estrogen levels at trigger. These programs generally do not include the work-up for ART, medications, anesthesia for egg recovery and complex procedures like ICSI and PGD and yearly embryo storage fees. Before thinking that you may "qualify" for these "money back guarantee" programs, you may want to get a second opinion on the pros and cons of these programs and the current thinking among a number of IVF clinics around the country.

Since its inception in 1982, one of the underlying philosophies at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies has been to provide outstanding service, a commitment to excellence and fair pricing. Your pricing is based on what we feel is a "fair and honest" value for our services. We do not look at what other programs are charging and try to "beat their prices". Although, many times our pricing is lower than other clinics, it is because we are acutely aware of the possible emotional and psychological factors that can result from difficulty in having a baby. Financial worries can only add to these already existing stresses. Although a baby is "worth any price", it is important that you have the resources to continue to try until you are successful; hopefully, concentrating a little less on the financial aspect of treatment and more focused "on being successful". If stress does play a role in treatment success, then this can be one place that ACFS can help. Our economy, now and in the future, has everyone looking at when, where and how best to spend their money. Although, in most cases, difficulty with having a baby is a medical problem, many insurance companies offer little to no reimbursement. This is clearly by a conscious choice on their part and leaves the patient having to pay for much needed services. Again, we can help. A medical clinic is still a business and like any other business has it's expenses and obligations. However, for anyone who knows us and has been a patient, money has always been a distant second to what is "really" important.

Please feel free to call or e-mail ACFS for a free second opinion. You can either set up a time when you would like Dr. Nemiro to call you; or if you leave your name and number and a good time to call you back, he will call within 24 hours. Also, please feel free to call the office with any questions you may have pertaining to insurance coverage and/or pricing of procedures.

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